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Player Pages - a tribute to great players from the period 1965/66 to 1979/80, particularly highlighting their appearance in football cards.
Ron Davies

A list of all of the appearances of this player in football cards in the period 1965/66 to 1979/80 appears at the foot of this page.

1966/67 A&BC Gum,
Footballers, No. 29

1968/69 A&BC Gum,
Footballers (yellow backs), No. 6

1969/70 Anglo Confectionary,
Football Quiz No. 5

1969/70 FKS,
The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars No. 227

1969/70 IPC,
My Favourite Soccer Stars,
 Smash, No. 18

1970/71 A&BC Gum,
Footballers (orange backs) No. 108

1970/71 FKS,
The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars No. 243

1971/72 A&BC Gum

1972/73 A&BC Gum
Footballers (orange/red backs) No. 91

1973/74 Top Sellers
Football 73, No. 293

Ronald Tudor Davies was born on May 25, 1942 in Holywell, Wales.

He made his Football League debut with Chester City playing in the (old) Fourth Division. He stayed with the Blues for three seasons, playing a total of 94 league games for an impressive 44 goals.

In 1962 he transferred to Luton Town in the Second Division for 10,000, and proved a hit with 32 league appearances and 21 goals. Despite Davies' efforts Luton finished bottom, and were relegated.

In September 1963 Davies, after only 12 months with the Hatters, was transferred to Norwich City for 35,000, returning him to the Second Division. He continued his notable goal-scoring, ending up with 58 goals in 113 appearances for the Canaries and was a crowd favourite.

The 1966/67 A&BC Gum card records Davies' transfer to Southampton: "Southampton centre-forward. Signed from Norwich City for 55,000 in August, 1966, Ron has proved a bargain for Southampton by the dynamic way in which he leads the forward line. Previously with Chester and Luton Town, he was easily Norwich's top scorer last season with 18 goals from 40 appearances. He has gained four caps for Wales, against Ireland, England, Brazil and Brazil 'B'. Height 6'. Weight 12st. 5lbs."

He was purchased by Southampton to strengthen their forward line for their first ever season in the First Division. It was Davies' first taste of football in the top flight, where he was immediately comfortable. In his first season with the Saints in the First Division he was the top scorer.

The 1968/69 A&BC Gum card notes: "First Division's leading marksman of the 1966/67 season with 43 League, F.A. Cup and League Cup goals. Davies has proved to be well worth the 55,000 that Southampton paid Norwich City for him in August 1966. Especially dangerous in the air, Davies is also a good ball player and has a powerful shot."

The actual transfer fee from Norwich to Southampton is inconsistently recorded on football cards with 50,000 (IPC), 55,000 (A&BC) and 60,000 (Typhoo) all mentioned.

During this period the Saints climbed the First Division ladder, finishing 19th in 1966/67, 16th in 1967/68 and then a creditable 7th in 1968/69 and 1970/71 (interspersed with a poor 19th in 1969/70).

The 1969/70 A&BC Gum card notes that he has: "developed into one of the deadliest centre forwards in the country, and his heading ability can unsettle any defence".

The 1969/70 My Favourite Soccer Stars card, given away with the Smash comic, notes: "Six-footer and one of the most dangerous strikers in the game. Brilliant with his head".

For some reason, the 1970/71 D.C Thomson card, given away with the Hotspur comic on 29 June 1970, notes Davies' schools: "A prolific goal-getter noted for his heading ability which has helped him earn Under-23 and full international caps. Attended Brynford Junior and Basingwerk Secondary Schools...".

The September 20, 1969 issue of Shoot magazine features an article on Ron Davies, which notes (among other things): "'I live for scoring goals', says Ron. 'But scoring goals never gets easier. Once you've got a name for yourself you've usually got two opponents on you all the time. You get thumped, hard and often, but it's all part of the game'". The article focuses on the 1969 transfer fee paid by Leeds United for Allan Clarke (165,000) and postulates on what Davies could be worth. It also focuses on how much more recognition Davies could have achieved had he played for one of the 'glamour' clubs and/or if he had played for England rather than Wales.

Around this time in his career Davies began to suffer from a number of injuries. The 1970/71 A&BC card notes: "Troubled by injury for much of last season, Davies remains one of the most feared centre forwards in the league. One of the best headers in the game today...".

The 1971/72 My Favourite Soccer Stars card, given away with the Tiger comic, notes: "One of the finest headers of goals in the League, the big Welsh leader is a prolific scorer. He was top marksman with Chester, Luton and Norwich before his transfer to the Saints in August 1966 for 50,000. Since 1963 he has played 25 times for Wales".

Continuing the discrepancy over the transfer fee, the 1972/73 A&BC Gum card states: "Signed for only 60,000 from Norwich City, Davies has been mainly responsible for Southampton's successes in the First Division over the past few years. Regarded as one of the best headers of a ball in the world, he has been capped many times for Wales and is approaching 300 goals in League Football."

In April 1973 Ron Davies was transferred to near-neighbours, Second Division Portsmouth. He had spent seven years at Southampton for a total of 240 league appearances and 134 league goals.

Davies stayed with Pompey for 18 months, before a perhaps surprise transfer to Manchester United in 1974. His time with United was limited, and signaled the end of his playing career. He made only eight appearances as a substitute for United, then three on loan at Millwall, before ending his top level playing career.

In a time when Wales did not play too many internationals Ron Davies featured alongside Wyn Davies as joint spearheads of a potentially formidable attack. Ron made his first appearance for Wales in 1964, while still a Norwich City player. His last appearance was against England in 1974, when he was a Portsmouth player. He made a total of 29 appearance for Wales, scoring a total of 9 goals.

Apparently, and unfortunately, Ron Davies has fallen on hard times. His contribution to football at the top level in the period from 1966 to 1971 was exceptional, and he will be remembered for that contribution. This website wishes him well.

In addition to his undoubted talents as a football player Ron Davies was a caricaturist of some talent. He is known for sketching fellow Southampton players during his period with the club. Some of these sketches were produced as football cards by Southern Newspapers of Southampton. So, uniquely, he makes a contribution to this website as both a featured player and an artist of football cards! Thanks, Ron.

1967/68 A&BC Gum,
Star Players (black backs), No. 40

1968/69 FKS,
The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars No. 227

1969/70 A&BC Gum,
Footballers (green backs), No. 83

1969/70 A&BC Gum,
Crinkle cuts, No. 13

1970/71 D.C. Thomson
World Cup Stars
(Hotspur and Hornet), No. 64

1970/71 B.A.B. Products,
Shooting Stars

1971/72 IPC,
My Favourite Soccer Stars,
 Tiger, No. 26

1972/73 FKS,
The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars No. 244

1972/73 A&BC Gum
Football Card Game, No. 14

1975/76 Topps ChewingGum
Footballers (Red/Grey backs), No. 64

Football cards featuring Ron Davies, issued in the period 1965/66 to 1979/80
(note: this is an incomplete list, and will updated as new information is obtained).
Season Maker Set Team Card ref.
1965/66 Barratt & Co Famous Footballers A13 Norwich City 36 of 50
1966/67 A&BC Gum Footballers, Series 1 (001-110) Southampton 29 of 110
1966/67 Barratt & Co Famous Footballers A14 Southampton 30 of 50
1967/68 A&BC Gum Star Players Southampton 40 of 55
1967/68 FKS Publishers The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Southampton 227
1967/68 IPC Magazines / Fleetway Lion & Champion Album of Soccer Stars Southampton 9 of 110
1968/69 A&BC Gum Footballers, Yellow backs, Series 1 (001-054) Southampton 6
1968/69 FKS Publishers The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Southampton 227
1968/69 Longacre Press Charles Buchan World Stars Wales 70 of 80
1969/70 A&BC Gum Football Facts, Green backs, Series 2 (065-117) Southampton 83 of 53
1969/70 A&BC Gum Footballers, B&W, crinkle cut (01-18) Southampton 13 of
1969/70 Anglo Confectionery Football Quiz Southampton 5 of 84
1969/70 FKS Publishers The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Southampton 227
1969/70 IPC Magazines / Fleetway My Favourite Soccer Stars (Blue backs), Smash Southampton 18 of 32
1969/70 Texaco Famous Footballers Southampton
1969/70 Typhoo Tea International Football Stars, Premium Issue Southampton
1969/70 Typhoo Tea International Football Stars, 2nd series Southampton 8 of
1970/71 A&BC Gum Footballer pin-up posters Southampton 14 of 14
1970/71 A&BC Gum Footballers, Orange backs, Series 2 (085-169) Southampton 108 of 85
1970/71 B.A.B. Products Shooting Stars Southampton
1970/71 FKS Publishers The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Southampton 243
1970/71 Lyons Maid Soccer Stars Southampton 28 of 40
1970/71 Nabisco Footballers (Nabisco Foods) Southampton 19 of 24
1970/71 Nabisco Footballers (Nabisco Foods Ltd.) Southampton 19 of 24
1970/71 Thomson, D.C. World Cup Stars (Hotspur and Hornet) Southampton 64
1971/72 A&BC Gum Footballers, Purple backs, Series 1 (001-109) Southampton 29 of 109
1971/72 A&BC Gum Footballers Superstars Southampton
1971/72 Cadbury / Hartley Football Stars 1971/72 (Jam Jar lids) Southampton
1971/72 Cleveland Petrol Joe Mercer's Great Britain Soccer Squad Southampton
1971/72 FKS Publishers The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Southampton 243
1971/72 IPC Magazines / Fleetway My Favourite Soccer Stars (Red backs), Tiger Southampton 26 of 32
1971/72 Lyons Maid International Footballers Wales 35 of 40
1971/72 Marshall Cavendish Book of Football Top Teams Southampton 363 of
1972/73 A&BC Gum Footballers, Orange/Red backs Southampton 91 of 219
1972/73 A&BC Gum Football Card Game Southampton 14 of 22
1972/73 Americana Soccer parade Southampton 235 of 340
1972/73 FKS Publishers The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Southampton 244
1972/73 The Sun Gallery of Football Stars, 3D Southampton
1972/73 Top Sellers Football 72 Southampton 277 of 420
1973/74 Top Sellers Football 73 Southampton 293 of 420
1973/74 Typhoo Tea Football Stars Southampton 8 of 24
1975/76 Topps Chewing Gum Footballers - Red/Grey back Manchester United 64
1979/80 Sigma Sport Silhouettes Action Portraits of Famous Footballers Southampton 20 of 60

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