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Mystery items - 1965/66 to 1979/80
Every now and then I come across items, often from website visitors, which cannot be identified. If you can help with these please use this email link.
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An interesting set of football cards issued in Norway, apparently in the late 1970s, known locally (in Norway that is) as 'Sportsbokens fotballkort'. The owner knows that there were 120 in the set, available as 15 x sheets of 8 cards. The maker is not known, nor how they were issued in the first place. Does anybody know?  
Another A&BC Gum wrapper. One view is that this is from the English 1960/61 black backs, while another view is that it is not. Can anyone clear this up? Visit the A&BC Chewing Gum wrappers page to see my answer to this mystery.
These cards are obviously from the Panini Mexico 70 set, but they have backs in Italian only? Was there an Italian set and an 'English' or an 'International' set? What is the 'Bisvalida' card for?

Any views would be appreciated.

March 2009
Marcello from Italy has helped solve this one. See the answers on the Panini page. June 2009.

Dean sent in these Full colour football viewers, shaped as TV sets, from the early 1970s. There are 8 different viewers (in colours such as red, pink, orange, yellow) with 11 player images on each one, making 88 images from around 21 different football clubs, including Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, West Ham United, Leeds United, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton etc.

Neither Dean nor I know who made these. Dean has heard perhaps a company called 'Crescent' (there is a world surrounded by a C on the shop display box), while the display box also says 'Empire Made' (which apparently in the distant past was used by companies from the 'Empire' to get better tax rates when importing items into England for sale, but would I suspect have become obsolete by the 1970s). The shop display box held 48 viewers, which sold back then for 6d or 2½p each. If anyone knows more about these viewers please let us know.

January 2009
Dean has advised that if anyone is interested in purchasing or swapping these viewers in mint, unused condition you can have them for £15 each. He has around 25 spares to swap or sell. Contact this website for Dean's details.
(no image) I remember a collection that came out in the early '70s that featured footballing countries and a star player (Portugal=Eusebio). I can't for the life of me remember anything else except that the cards came from a bubble gum machine that dispenses the card and a jawbreaker (round bubblegum) for 20 cents (correct price?). The cards were pretty well made and the printing was first rate. I collected about 48 pieces before I lost them for good. I remember the bubblegum machine was bright red. Ring any bells? Best wishes, Julian. Can anyone help with this one?

Can you help identify which set this sticker comes from? This sticker has glue on the back (not a peel-off back, but glue you would lick with your tongue). Other than that the back is plain, and unnumbered. The featured player is Martinez of El Salvador, who is probably Juan Ramón Martinez, who played in the 1970 Mexico World Cup. I'm not aware of this sticker, or even whether it is English... Can you help? Solved! This sticker is one of 16 which belongs to the wall poster 'A complete record of the World Cup 1970', presented with the Valiant comic (IPC Magazines Ltd.). I am not sure exactly on which date or how the stickers were issued, but I'm sure someone will know...
This image came from Roger, who has an excellent Huddersfield Town website with 600 card images (see We wondered whether or not it is a BAB sticker, but if it is we are not sure which set it comes from. Can you help? Any information about when they were produced, who produced them, and how many in the set? See the BAB page.
This small shield is obviously an image of Tony Brown of W.B.A. Does anyone know the set details? See the BAB gallery for more of these stickers.
These gold-coloured plastic figures of players came, we think, from cereal packets in the late 60s or early 70s. Rod, who sent this photo in, has eight of them, footballers represented are Jeff Astle, Alan Ball, Gordon Banks, George Best, Terry Cooper, Derek Dougan, John Hollins, Emlyn Hughes. Suggestions of Quaker Oats and Sugar Puffs have been made. Do you know when they were produced, who produced them, and how many in the set? These have been confirmed as Big league football stars of the 70's, a free collectable set given away by Total petrol. There are eleven in the set, which you could store and display in a cardboard display box.

The eleven in the set are:
Gordon Banks, Emlyn Hughes, Terry Cooper, Alan Mullery, John Hollins, Alan Ball, Jeff Astle, Billy Bremner, Geoff Hurst, Derek Dougan and George Best.

Thanks to Chris for providing this information.