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Team checklist: Topps Chewing Gum - 1975/76 - Footballers (Scottish, blue backs)
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Set details

Gallery Set checklist
Team No Feature
  058 Checklist
Aberdeen 020 Drew Jarvie
Aberdeen 082 Billy Pirie
Aberdeen 057 David Robb
Aberdeen 005 Joe Smith
Aberdeen 037 Willie Young
Arbroath 032 Cammy Murray
Arbroath 006 Kenny Payne
Arbroath 048 Derek Rylance
Arbroath 070 Eric Sellars
Ayr United 083 John Doyle
Ayr United 026 Rikki Fleming
Ayr United 035 Alex Ingram
Ayr United 041 Alex McAnespie
Ayr United 071 Dave McCulloch
Ayr United 004 Dave Wells
Celtic 067 Tommy Callaghan
Celtic 040 Dixie Deans
Celtic 001 Danny McGrain
Celtic 016 Steve Murray
Clyde 088 Brian Ahern
Clyde 076 Eddie Anderson
Clyde 047 Peter Boyle
Clyde 003 Jim Burns
Clyde 038 Phil Cairney
Clyde 059 Willie McVie
Clyde 065 Sam Miller
Clyde 078 Dominic (Dom) Sullivan
Clyde 024 Alan Swan
Dumbarton 018 John Graham
Dumbarton 045 Lawrie Williams
Dundee 054 Dave Johnston
Dundee 023 Bobby Robinson
Dundee 043 Ian Scott
Dundee 081 Jocky Scott
Dundee 007 Bobby Wilson
Dundee United 025 Jackie Copland
Dundee United 053 George Fleming
Dundee United 084 Pat Gardner
Dundee United 063 Frank Kopel
Dundee United 010 Hamish McAlpine
Dundee United 034 Andy Rolland
Dundee United 077 Doug Smith
Dunfermline Athletic 031 Alex Kinninmonth
Dunfermline Athletic 064 Ken Mackie
Dunfermline Athletic 042 Kenny Thompson
Dunfermline Athletic 009 Jim Wallace
Hearts 079 Alan Anderson
Hearts 008 Jim Brown
Hearts 062 Jim Cruickshank
Hearts 022 Donald Ford
Hearts 049 Kenny Garland
Hearts 068 Roy Kay
Hearts 087 Ian Sneddon
Hibernian 050 John Blackley
Hibernian 085 Desmond Bremner
Hibernian 011 John Brownlie
Hibernian 061 Arthur Duncan
Hibernian 073 Alec Edwards
Hibernian 033 Eric Schaedler
Hibernian 019 Pat Stanton
Kilmarnock 075 George Maxwell
Kilmarnock 012 Eddie Morrison
Kilmarnock 052 Alan Robertson
Kilmarnock 029 Jim Stewart
Morton 055 Roy Baines
Morton 013 Davie Hayes
Morton 027 Stan Rankin
Morton 046 Steve Ritchie
Morton 066 Jim Townsend
Motherwell 014 John Goldthorp
Motherwell 036 Jim McCabe
Motherwell 072 Joe Wark
Motherwell 051 Bobby Watson
Partick Thistle 086 Frank Coulston
Partick Thistle 056 John Hansen
Partick Thistle 074 Bobby Houston
Partick Thistle 069 Dan Kellachen
Partick Thistle 028 Bobby Lawrie
Partick Thistle 015 Alan Rough
Rangers 044 Tom Forsyth
Rangers 017 John Greig
Rangers 030 Sandy Jardine
Rangers 060 Derek Johnstone
Rangers 002 Tommy McLean
Rangers 080 Derek Parlane
St. Johnstone 021 Ian MacDonald
St. Johnstone 039 Alex Rennie

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