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Team checklist: Panini - 1969/70 - Mexico 70
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Set details

Set checklist
Some of the player names in this set differ from the player names recorded in other sets. In order to maintain a central record of these players the names recorded for them in this website's database have been used and, if it is different, the set player name is recorded afterwards in brackets e.g. Georgi Asparoukhov (Gheorgi Asparuhov)
Team Feature
  1930 - Poster
  1934 - Poster
  1938 - Poster
  1950 - Poster
  1954 - Poster
  1958 - Poster
  1962 - Poster
  1966 - Poster
  Azteca Stadium
  F.I.F.A. shield
  Juanito (mascot)
  Mexican map
  Mexican poster
  Rimet Cup
Argentina Jorge Albrecht (1966)
Argentina Stabile (1930)
Belgium Belgium (Team flag)
Belgium Belgium (Team photo)
Belgium Belgium (Team shield)
Belgium Johan Devrindt
Belgium Nicolas Dewalque
Belgium Georges Heylens
Belgium Leon Jeck
Belgium Odilon Polleunis
Belgium Wilfried Puis
Belgium Leon Semmeling
Belgium Jean Thissen
Belgium Jean Trappeniers
Belgium Paul van Himst
Belgium Wilfried van Moer
Brazil Brazil (1958 - Winners)
Brazil Brazil (1962 - Winners)
Brazil Brazil (Team flag)
Brazil Brazil (Team photo)
Brazil Brazil (Team shield)
Brazil Ademir (1950)
Brazil Ado
Brazil Carlos Alberto
Brazil Amarildo (1962)
Brazil Brito
Brazil Didi (1958)
Brazil Edu
Brazil Everaldo
Brazil Garrincha (1962)
Brazil Gerson
Brazil Jairzinho
Brazil Joel
Brazil Emerson Leao
Brazil Leonidas (1938)
Brazil Dirceu Lopes
Brazil Pele
Brazil Wilson Piazza
Brazil Rivelino
Brazil Djalma Santos (1958)
Brazil Eduardo Tostao
Bulgaria Bulgaria (Team flag)
Bulgaria Bulgaria (Team photo)
Bulgaria Bulgaria (Team shield)
Bulgaria Georgi Asparoukhov (Gheorgi Asparuhov)
Bulgaria Christo Bonev (Hristo Bonev)
Bulgaria Dinko Dermendjiev (Dinko Dermengiiev)
Bulgaria Ivan Dimitrov
Bulgaria Boris Gagalenov
Bulgaria Peter Jekov (Peter Zhecov)
Bulgaria Dobromir Jetchev (Dobromir Zhecev)
Bulgaria Dimiter Penev
Bulgaria Alexander Shalamanov (Alexander Scialamanov)
Bulgaria Simeon Simeonov
Bulgaria Dimiter Yakimov (Dimiter Jakimov)
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia (Team flag)
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia (Team photo)
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia (Team shield)
Czechoslovakia Jozef Adamec
Czechoslovakia Jan Capkovic
Czechoslovakia Vladimir Hagara
Czechoslovakia Alexander Horvath
Czechoslovakia Karol Jokl (Karel Jokl)
Czechoslovakia Ladislav Kuna
Czechoslovakia Andrej Kvasnak
Czechoslovakia Vaclav Migas
Czechoslovakia Jan Pivarnik
Czechoslovakia Bohumil Vesely
Czechoslovakia Ivo Viktor
El Salvador El Salvador (Team flag)
El Salvador El Salvador (Team photo)
El Salvador El Salvador (Team shield)
El Salvador Elmer Acevedo
El Salvador Walberto Fernandez (Juan Gualberto Fernandez)
El Salvador Salvador Flamenco
El Salvador Mauricio Manzano
El Salvador Salvador Mariona
El Salvador Juan Martinez (Juan Ramon Martinez)
El Salvador Mario Monje
El Salvador Antonio Quintanilla (Jose Antonio Quintanilla)
El Salvador Roberto Rivas
El Salvador Mauricio Rodriquez (Mauricio Rodriguez)
El Salvador Jorge Vazquez (Jorge Alfredo Vazquez)
England England (1966 - Winners)
England England (Team flag)
England England (Team photo)
England England (Team shield)
England Alan Ball
England Gordon Banks
England Colin Bell
England Peter Bonetti
England Bobby Charlton
England Jack Charlton
England Roger Hunt (1966)
England Geoff Hurst
England Brian Labone
England Francis Lee
England Bobby Moore
England Alan Mullery
England Keith Newton
England Martin Peters
England Tommy Wright
France Just Fontaine (1958)
Germany Germany (1954 - Winners)
Germany Germany (Team flag)
Germany Germany (Team photo)
Germany Germany (Team shield)
Germany Bernd Dorfel
Germany Siegfried Held
Germany Helmut Rahn (1954)
Hungary Florian Albert (1962)
Hungary Sandor Kocsis (1954)
Hungary Ferenc Puskas (1954)
Israel Israel (Team flag)
Israel Israel (Team photo)
Israel Israel (Team shield)
Israel Feiwel (Shraga) Bar
Israel Menachem Bello
Israel Yeshoshua Feigenbaum (Joshua Feigenbaum)
Israel Mordechai Lubetsky (Mordechai Lubetzki)
Israel Shmuel Rosenthal (Samuel Rosenthal)
Israel Zvi Rozen
Israel Itzhak Schum (Izchak Shum)
Israel Giora Spiegel
Israel Mordechai Spiegler
Israel Rachamim Talbi
Israel Itzhak Vissoker (Izchak Visoker)
Italy Italy (1934 - Winners)
Italy Italy (1938 - Winners)
Italy Italy (Team flag)
Italy Italy (Team photo)
Italy Italy (Team shield)
Italy Enrico Albertosi
Italy Pietro Anastasi
Italy Mario Bertini
Italy Tarcisio Burgnich
Italy Combi (1934 - with Planicka (Czechoslovakia))
Italy Giancarlo de Sisti
Italy Angelo Domenghini
Italy Giacinto Facchetti
Italy Antonio Juliano
Italy Sandro Mazzola
Italy Meazza (1938 - with Sarosi (Hungary))
Italy Orsi (1934)
Italy Piola (1938)
Italy Giorgio Puia
Italy Luigi Riva
Italy Gianni Rivera
Italy Sandro Salvadore
Italy Schiavio (1934)
Italy Dino Zoff
Mexico Mexico (Team flag)
Mexico Mexico (Team photo)
Mexico Mexico (Team shield)
Mexico Juan Manuel Alejandrez
Mexico Juan Alvarado
Mexico Enrique Borja
Mexico Ignacio Calderon
Mexico Francisco Castrejon
Mexico Isidoro Diaz
Mexico Javier Fragoso
Mexico Gabriel Nunez
Mexico Alberto Onofre
Mexico Aaron Padilla
Mexico Gustavo Pena
Mexico Vicente Pereda
Mexico Mario Perez
Mexico Sabas Ponce
Morocco Morocco (Team flag)
Morocco Morocco (Team photo)
Morocco Morocco (Team shield)
Morocco Lamarni (Mohamed) Abdallah
Morocco Kassou Allal
Morocco Driss Bamous
Morocco Benkhief Boujemaa (Benkrif Boujemaa)
Morocco Ahmed Faras
Morocco Mohamed Filali
Morocco Mahjoud Ghazouani
Morocco Moulay Idriss (Alaoui Moulay Idriss)
Morocco Mohamed Maaroufi
Morocco Ghandi Said
Morocco Kazzem Slimani (Kacem Slimani)
Peru Peru (Team flag)
Peru Peru (Team photo)
Peru Peru (Team shield)
Peru Julio Baylon
Peru Eloy Campos (Ange lEloy Campos)
Peru Roberto Challe
Peru Hector Chumpitaz
Peru Teofilo Cubillas
Peru Orlando de la Torre
Peru Alberto Gallardo
Peru Perico Leon (Pedro Pablo Leon)
Peru Ramon Mifflin (Roberto Mifflin)
Peru Rafael Risco (Luis Rafael Risco)
Peru Luis Rubinos
Portugal Ferreira Eusebio (1966)
Rumania Rumania (Team flag)
Rumania Rumania (Team photo)
Rumania Rumania (Team shield)
Rumania Dan Coe (Coe Dan)
Rumania Augustin Deleanu
Rumania Emerich Dembrovschi
Rumania Cornel Dinu
Rumania Nicolae Dobrin
Rumania Flaviu Domide
Rumania Florea Dumitrache
Rumania Bujor Halmageanu
Rumania Mircea Lucescu
Rumania Necula Raducanu
Rumania Ludovic Satmareanu
Sweden Sweden (Team flag)
Sweden Sweden (Team photo)
Sweden Sweden (Team shield)
Sweden Kurt Axelsson
Sweden Leif Eriksson
Sweden Ove Grahn
Sweden Roland Grip
Sweden Ronnie Hellstrom
Sweden Hans Johansson
Sweden Ove Kindvall
Sweden Bo Larsson
Sweden Bjorn Nordqvist
Sweden Hans Selander
Sweden Tommy Svensson
U.S.S.R. U.S.S.R. (Team flag)
U.S.S.R. U.S.S.R. (Team photo)
U.S.S.R. U.S.S.R. (Team shield)
U.S.S.R. Kakhi Asatiani
U.S.S.R. Anatoly Byshovets (Anatole Bichevetz)
U.S.S.R. Revaz Dzodzuashvili
U.S.S.R. Vladimir Kaplichny (Vladimir Kaplitchnyi)
U.S.S.R. Anzor Kavazashvili (Anzor Kavazachvili)
U.S.S.R. Vitaly Khmelnitsky (Vitali Khmelnitzki)
U.S.S.R. Mourtaz Khourtzilava
U.S.S.R. Vladimir Muntian (Vladimir Mountian)
U.S.S.R. Giva Nodiya (Guiva Nodia)
U.S.S.R. Anatoly Puzach (Anatole Pouzatch)
U.S.S.R. Yevgeny Rudakov (Eugene Roudakov)
U.S.S.R. Viktor Serebryannikov (Victor Serebzianikov)
U.S.S.R. Albert Shesternev (Albert Chesternev)
U.S.S.R. Eugene Zovtchev
Uruguay Uruguay (1930 - Winners)
Uruguay Uruguay (1950 - Winners)
Uruguay Uruguay (Team flag)
Uruguay Uruguay (Team photo)
Uruguay Uruguay (Team shield)
Uruguay Atilio Anchetta
Uruguay Andrade (1930)
Uruguay Ruben Bareno
Uruguay Omar Caetano
Uruguay Cea (1930)
Uruguay Julio Cortes
Uruguay Luis Cubilla
Uruguay Ghiggia (1950)
Uruguay Roberto Matosas (Roberto Matozas)
Uruguay Ladislao Mazurkiewicz (Ladislao Mazurkiewicz)
Uruguay Julio Montero Castillo
Uruguay Pedro Rocha (Pedro Virgilio Rocha)
Uruguay Schiaffino (1950)
Uruguay Sergio Silva
Uruguay Luis Ubina
West Germany Franz Beckenbauer
West Germany Klaus Fichtel
West Germany Helmut Haller
West Germany Horst Hottges (Horst-Dieter Hottges)
West Germany Sepp Maier
West Germany Gerd Muller
West Germany Wolfgang Overath
West Germany Karl-Heinz Schnellinger
West Germany Willi Schultz (Willi Schulz)
West Germany Uwe Seeler
West Germany Berti Vogts (Hubert Vogts)
West Germany Horst Wolter

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