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Checklist: Monty Gum - 1975/76 - Football
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Set details

Gallery Set checklist
Team Feature
Coventry City Coventry City
Coventry City Jim Brogan
Coventry City Willie Carr
Coventry City Les Cartwright
Coventry City Chris Cattlin
Coventry City Mick Coop
Coventry City John Craven
Coventry City David Cross
Coventry City Alan Dugdale
Coventry City Alan Green
Coventry City Peter Hindley
Coventry City James (Jimmy) Holmes
Coventry City Tom Hutchison
Coventry City Brian King
Coventry City Larry Lloyd
Coventry City Graham Oakey
Derby County Derby County
Derby County Geoff Bourne
Derby County Roger Davies
Derby County Archie Gemmill
Derby County Charlie George
Derby County Kevin Hector
Derby County Leighton James
Derby County Francis Lee
Derby County Roy McFarland
Derby County Graham Moseley
Derby County Henry Newton
Derby County David Nish
Derby County Barry Powell
Derby County Bruce Rioch
Derby County Rod Thomas
Derby County Colin Todd
Everton Everton
Everton John Connolly
Everton Terry Darracott
Everton Dai Davies
Everton Martin Dobson
Everton David Jones
Everton Roger Kenyon
Everton Bob Latchford
Everton David Lawson
Everton Mick Lyons
Everton John McLaughlan
Everton Ken McNaught
Everton Jim Pearson
Everton Neil Robinson
Everton David Smallman
Everton George Telfer
Ipswich Town Ipswich Town
Ipswich Town Kevin Beattie
Ipswich Town George Burley
Ipswich Town Ian Collard
Ipswich Town Paul Cooper
Ipswich Town Eric Gates
Ipswich Town Allan Hunter
Ipswich Town David Johnson
Ipswich Town Mick Lambert
Ipswich Town Mick Mills
Ipswich Town Roger Osborne
Ipswich Town John Peddelty
Ipswich Town Brian Talbot
Ipswich Town Trevor Whymark
Ipswich Town Clive Woods
Leeds United Leeds United
Leeds United Billy Bremner
Leeds United Trevor Cherry
Leeds United Allan Clarke
Leeds United Eddie Gray
Leeds United Frank Gray
Leeds United David Harvey
Leeds United Norman Hunter
Leeds United Joe Jordan
Leeds United Peter Lorimer
Leeds United Paul Madeley
Leeds United Duncan McKenzie
Leeds United Gordon McQueen
Leeds United Paul Reaney
Leeds United Terry Yorath
Leicester City Leicester City
Leicester City Brian Alderson
Leicester City Steve Earle
Leicester City Chris Garland
Leicester City Len Glover
Leicester City Steve Kember
Leicester City Bobby Lee
Leicester City Malcolm Munro
Leicester City Dennis Rofe
Leicester City Steve Sims
Leicester City David Tomlin
Leicester City Mark Wallington
Leicester City Joe Waters
Leicester City Keith Weller
Leicester City Steve Whitworth
Leicester City Alan Woollett
Leicester City Frank Worthington
Leicester City Steve Yates
Manchester United Martin Buchan
Manchester United Steve Coppell
Manchester United Gerry Daly
Manchester United Alex Forsyth
Manchester United Jimmy Greenhoff
Manchester United Gordon Hill
Manchester United Jim Holton
Manchester United Stewart Houston
Manchester United Tommy Jackson
Manchester United Steve James
Manchester United Lou Macari
Manchester United David McCreery
Manchester United Jimmy Nicholl
Manchester United Stuart Pearson
Manchester United Alex Stepney
Manchester United Anthony (Tony) Young
Middlesbrough Middlesbrough
Middlesbrough David Armstrong
Middlesbrough Stuart Boam
Middlesbrough Peter Brine
Middlesbrough Terry Cooper
Middlesbrough John Craggs
Middlesbrough Alan Foggon
Middlesbrough John Hickton
Middlesbrough Willie Maddren
Middlesbrough David Mills
Middlesbrough Robert (Bobby) Murdoch
Middlesbrough Graeme Souness
Middlesbrough Frank Spraggon
Newcastle United Newcastle United
Newcastle United Stewart Barrowclough
Newcastle United Michael (Micky) Burns
Newcastle United Tommy Cassidy
Newcastle United Frank Clark
Newcastle United David Craig
Newcastle United Tommy Gibb
Newcastle United Gordon Hodgson
Newcastle United Pat Howard
Newcastle United Glenn Keeley
Newcastle United Alan Kennedy
Newcastle United Malcolm MacDonald
Newcastle United William (Iam) McFaul
Newcastle United Irving Nattrass
Newcastle United James (Jim) Smith
Newcastle United John Tudor
Norwich City Norwich City
Norwich City Phil Boyer
Norwich City Duncan Forbes
Norwich City Steve Grapes
Norwich City Kevin Keelan
Norwich City Mel Machin
Norwich City Mick McGuire
Norwich City John Miller
Norwich City Peter Morris
Norwich City Martin Peters
Norwich City Tony Powell
Norwich City William (Billy) Steele
Norwich City David Stringer
Norwich City Colin Suggett
Norwich City Colin Sullivan
Queens Park Rangers Queens Park Rangers
Queens Park Rangers Ron Abbott
Queens Park Rangers John Beck
Queens Park Rangers Stan Bowles
Queens Park Rangers Martyn Busby
Queens Park Rangers Dave Clement
Queens Park Rangers Gerry Francis
Queens Park Rangers Don Givens
Queens Park Rangers John Hollins
Queens Park Rangers Steve Jones
Queens Park Rangers Mick Leach
Queens Park Rangers Don Masson
Queens Park Rangers Keith Pritchett
Queens Park Rangers Don Shanks
Queens Park Rangers Anthony Tagg
Queens Park Rangers Dave Thomas
Queens Park Rangers David Webb
Rangers Rangers
Rangers Jim Denny
Rangers George Donaldson
Rangers Tom Forsyth
Rangers Graham Fyfe
Rangers John Greig
Rangers Johnny Hamilton
Rangers Doug Houston
Rangers Donald Hunter
Rangers Sandy Jardine
Rangers Derek Johnstone
Rangers Stewart Kennedy
Rangers Joe Mason
Rangers Willie Mathieson
Rangers Peter McCloy
Rangers Tommy McLean
Rangers Alex Morrison
Rangers Derek Parlane
Rangers Dave Smith
Rangers Quinton Young

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