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Set checklist: IPC - 1969/70 - My Favourite Soccer Stars, Blue backs
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Team Comic No Feature
Arsenal Scorcher 13 Bobby Gould
Arsenal Tiger 18 George Graham
Arsenal Scorcher 1 Bob McNab
Arsenal Smash 17 John Radford
Arsenal Scorcher 17 Bob Wilson
Arsenal Buster 24 Terry Neill
Aston Villa Scorcher 19 Willie Anderson
Aston Villa Tiger 30 Keith Bradley
Aston Villa Lion 6 Joe Dunn
Aston Villa Buster 3 Barry Hole
Aston Villa Smash 7 Bruce Rioch
Aston Villa Scorcher 8 Brian Tiler
Birmingham City Lion 14 Tony Hateley
Blackburn Rovers Tiger 13 John Connelly
Bolton Wanderers Scorcher 15 Terry Wharton
Brentford Smash 31 Ollie Mansley
Cardiff City Tiger 8 Barrie Jones
Cardiff City Scorcher 5 Leslie Lea
Cardiff City Smash 6 Don Murray
Cardiff City Lion 21 Leighton Phillips
Cardiff City Scorcher 7 Alan Skirton
Celtic Scorcher 4 Tommy Gemmell
Celtic Smash 4 David Hay
Chelsea Buster 17 Alan Birchenall
Chelsea Smash 2 Peter Bonetti
Chelsea Lion 18 John Boyle
Chelsea Tiger 2 Charlie Cooke
Chelsea Scorcher 25 Ron Harris
Chelsea Smash 21 Marvin Hinton
Chelsea Buster 25 John Hollins
Chelsea Tiger 25 Peter Houseman
Chelsea Buster 11 Ian Hutchinson
Chelsea Scorcher 6 Peter Osgood
Chelsea Lion 27 David Webb
Chester City Scorcher 23 Mike Metcalf
Chester City Tiger 4 Cliff Sear
Coventry City Lion 28 Bill Glazier
Coventry City Tiger 7 Ernie Hunt
Crystal Palace Buster 26 Roger Hynd
Crystal Palace Buster 4 Cliff Jackson
Crystal Palace Tiger 26 Gerry Queen
Crystal Palace Lion 26 John Sewell
Crystal Palace Smash 26 Bobby Woodruff
Derby County Buster 30 Willie Carlin
Derby County Smash 10 Dave Mackay
Doncaster Rovers Lion 13 Rod Johnson
Doncaster Rovers Buster 31 John Regan
Dunfermline Athletic Smash 16 Willie Duff
Everton Tiger 1 Alan Ball
Everton Buster 22 Sandy Brown
Everton Smash 24 Jim Husband
Everton Lion 19 Brian Labone
Everton Lion 5 Joe Royle
Everton Smash 8 Gordon West
Exeter City Smash 23 John Mitten
Exeter City Lion 20 John Newman
Fulham Smash 14 Jimmy Conway
Fulham Buster 15 Johnny Haynes
Fulham Scorcher 14 Stan Horne
Fulham Scorcher 18 Cliff Jones
Fulham Tiger 32 Barry Lloyd
Gillingham Buster 23 Derek Bellotti
Gillingham Tiger 29 Derek Woodley
Gillingham Tiger 20 Brian Yeo
Hibernian Lion 30 Gordon Marshall
Hull City Smash 22 Frankie Banks
Ipswich Town Buster 8 Billy Baxter
Ipswich Town Buster 13 Bobby Hunt
Ipswich Town Smash 13 John O'Rourke
Leeds United Tiger 22 Rod Belfitt
Leeds United Lion 9 Jack Charlton
Leeds United Buster 9 Allan Clarke
Leeds United Smash 3 Terry Cooper
Leeds United Lion 17 John Giles
Leeds United Tiger 9 Norman Hunter
Leeds United Lion 3 Mick Jones
Leeds United Buster 18 Gary Sprake
Leicester City Buster 1 Len Glover
Leicester City Lion 11 Andy Lochhead
Leicester City Lion 24 David Nish
Leicester City Buster 10 Peter Shilton
Liverpool Buster 16 Alun Evans
Liverpool Scorcher 21 Bobby Graham
Liverpool Tiger 11 Roger Hunt
Liverpool Scorcher 12 Chris Lawler
Liverpool Tiger 24 Peter Thompson
Luton Town Lion 32 Fred Jardine
Manchester City Lion 4 Tony Book
Manchester City Tiger 14 Joe Corrigan
Manchester City Smash 5 Francis Lee
Manchester City Buster 28 Alan Oakes
Manchester City Lion 16 Mike Summerbee
Manchester United Lion 7 George Best
Manchester United Tiger 27 Shay Brennan
Manchester United Scorcher 2 Bobby Charlton
Manchester United Scorcher 29 Tony Dunne
Manchester United Buster 19 John Fitzpatrick
Manchester United Buster 7 Alex Stepney
Manchester United Tiger 16 Nobby Stiles
Millwall Tiger 19 Gordon Bolland
Millwall Smash 27 Eamon Dunphy
Millwall Buster 27 Keith Weller
Newcastle United Buster 32 Frank Clark
Northampton Town Smash 19 Roger Barron
Northampton Town Scorcher 3 John Clarke
Northampton Town Lion 8 Joe Kiernan
Nottingham Forest Lion 25 Sammy Chapman
Nottingham Forest Smash 25 Bob McKinley
Nottingham Forest Scorcher 26 Henry Newton
Orient Tiger 23 Mike Bullock
Orient Smash 30 Ray Goddard
Orient Scorcher 32 Terry Mancini
Plymouth Argyle Smash 28 Duncan Neale
Portsmouth Scorcher 22 Harry Harris
Q.P.R. Tiger 12 Barry Bridges
Q.P.R. Lion 31 Clive Clark
Q.P.R. Tiger 28 Alan Harris
Q.P.R. Scorcher 31 Mike Kelly
Q.P.R. Lion 23 Mick Leach
Q.P.R. Smash 15 Rodney Marsh
Q.P.R. Lion 10 Ron Springett
Raith Rovers Smash 29 Alan Miller
Rangers Scorcher 30 Gerdhardt Neef
Rangers Buster 6 Colin Stein
Rotherham United Buster 29 Jim Furnell
Sheffield United Smash 1 Colin Addison
Sheffield United Lion 22 Pat Buckley
Sheffield United Smash 20 Gil Reece
Sheffield Wednesday Scorcher 27 Tommy Craig
Sheffield Wednesday Tiger 5 Gerry Young
Southampton Smash 12 Mick Channon
Southampton Smash 18 Ron Davies
Southampton Scorcher 11 Gerry Gurr
Southampton Scorcher 24 Terry Paine
Southend United Scorcher 28 Frank Haydock
Stoke City Scorcher 9 Gordon Banks
Stoke City Tiger 6 Peter Dobing
Sunderland Smash 32 Len Ashurst
Sunderland Lion 2 Gordon Harris
Sunderland Scorcher 20 Calvin Palmer
Sunderland Tiger 3 Ian Porterfield
Sunderland Lion 12 Colin Todd
Swindon Town Buster 12 Chris Jones
Tottenham Hotspur Scorcher 10 Martin Chivers
Tottenham Hotspur Tiger 10 Mike England
Tottenham Hotspur Lion 1 Alan Gilzean
Tottenham Hotspur Buster 2 Jimmy Greaves
Tottenham Hotspur Smash 9 Alan Mullery
W.B.A. Tiger 31 Asa Hartford
W.B.A. Smash 11 John Kaye
W.B.A. Buster 20 John Talbut
Watford Tiger 15 Dixie Hale
West Ham United Buster 5 Bobby Moore
West Ham United Lion 15 John Sissons
West Ham United Lion 29 Alan Stephenson
Wolverhampton Wanderers Tiger 21 Mike Bailey
Wolverhampton Wanderers Buster 21 Derek Clarke
Wolverhampton Wanderers Tiger 17 Hugh Curran
Wolverhampton Wanderers Scorcher 16 David Wagstaffe
Wolverhampton Wanderers Buster 14 Paul Walker

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