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Checklist: FKS Publishers - 1967/68 - Wonderful World of Soccer Stars
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Set details and gallery

No. Feature Team
001 Colin Addison Arsenal
002 George Armstrong Arsenal
003 Tom Coakley Arsenal
004 David Court Arsenal
005 Jim Furnell Arsenal
006 George Graham Arsenal
007 Don Howe Arsenal
008 Robert (Bob) McNab Arsenal
009 Terry Neill Arsenal
010 John Radford Arsenal
011 Jon Sammels Arsenal
012 Peter Simpson Arsenal
013 Peter Storey Arsenal
014 Ian Ure Arsenal
015 Robert (Bob) Wilson Arsenal
016 John Angus Burnley
017 Arthur Bellamy Burnley
018 Mike Buxton Burnley
019 Frank Casper Burnley
020 Ralph Coates Burnley
021 Alex Elder Burnley
022 Gordon Harris Burnley
023 Willie Irvine Burnley
024 Les Latcham Burnley
025 Andy Lochead Burnley
026 Brian Miller Burnley
027 William (Willie) Morgan Burnley
028 Brian O'Neil Burnley
029 Fred Smith Burnley
030 Harry Thomson Burnley
031 Tommy Baldwin Chelsea
032 Peter Bonetti Chelsea
033 John Boyle Chelsea
034 Charlie Cooke Chelsea
035 Ron Harris Chelsea
036 Marvin Hinton Chelsea
037 John Hollins Chelsea
038 Peter Houseman Chelsea
039 Tommy Hughes Chelsea
040 Eddie McCreadie Chelsea
041 Peter Osgood Chelsea
042 Ken Shellito Chelsea
043 Robert (Bobby) Tambling Chelsea
044 Jim Thomson Chelsea
045 Alan Young Chelsea
046 Dietmar Bruck Coventry City
047 Dave Clements Coventry City
048 George Curtis Coventry City
049 Ron Farmer Coventry City
050 Ian Gibson Coventry City
051 William (Bill) Glazier Coventry City
052 Robert (Bobby) Gould Coventry City
053 Brian Hill Coventry City
054 Mike Kearns Coventry City
055 John Key Coventry City
056 Brian Lewis Coventry City
057 Ernie Machin Coventry City
058 Ron Rees Coventry City
059 Dudley Roberts Coventry City
060 John Tudor Coventry City
061 Alan Ball Everton
062 Alex (Sandy) Brown Everton
063 Colin Harvey Everton
064 Ernie Hunt Everton
065 Jim Husband Everton
066 Howard Kendall Everton
067 Brian Labone Everton
068 John Morrissey Everton
069 Joe Royle Everton
070 Derek Temple Everton
071 Mike Trebilcock Everton
072 Gordon West Everton
073 Ramon (Ray) Wilson Everton
074 Thomas (Tommy) Wright Everton
075 Alex Young Everton
076 Les Barrett Fulham
077 Stan Brown Fulham
078 Fred Callaghan Fulham
079 Allan Clarke Fulham
080 James (Jimmy) Conway Fulham
081 John Dempsey Fulham
082 Steve Earle Fulham
083 George Cohen Fulham
084 Johnny Haynes Fulham
085 Anthony (Tony) Macedo Fulham
086 Brian Nicholls Fulham
087 Terry Parmenter Fulham
088 Mark Pearson Fulham
089 John Ryan Fulham
090 Ian Seymour Fulham
091 Alan Peacock Leeds United
092 Rod Belfitt Leeds United
093 William (Billy) Bremner Leeds United
094 Jack Charlton Leeds United
095 Terry Cooper Leeds United
096 John Giles Leeds United
097 Eddie Gray Leeds United
098 Jimmy Greenhoff Leeds United
099 Norman Hunter Leeds United
100 Albert Johanneson Leeds United
101 Mick Jones Leeds United
102 Paul Madeley Leeds United
103 Mike O'Grady Leeds United
104 Paul Reaney Leeds United
105 Gareth (Gary) Sprake Leeds United
106 Graham Cross Leicester City
107 Dave Gibson Leicester City
108 Jim Goodfellow Leicester City
109 Richard Norman Leicester City
110 Robert (Bobby) Roberts Leicester City
111 Peter Rodrigues Leicester City
112 Dominic (Nick) Sharkey Leicester City
113 Peter Shilton Leicester City
114 John (Jackie) Sinclair Leicester City
115 John Sjoberg Leicester City
116 Mike Stringfellow Leicester City
117 Robert (Bobby) Svarc Leicester City
118 Tom Sweenie Leicester City
119 Alan Tewley Leicester City
120 Alan Woollett Leicester City
121 Alf Arrowsmith Liverpool
122 Gerry Byrne Liverpool
123 Ian Callaghan Liverpool
124 Ray Clemence Liverpool
125 Anthony (Tony) Hateley Liverpool
126 Emlyn Hughes Liverpool
127 Roger Hunt Liverpool
128 Chris Lawler Liverpool
129 Tom Lawrence Liverpool
130 Tommy Smith Liverpool
131 Ian St. John Liverpool
132 Willie Stevenson Liverpool
133 Geoff Strong Liverpool
134 Peter Thompson Liverpool
135 Ron Yeats Liverpool
136 Colin Bell Manchester City
137 Tony Book Manchester City
138 Anthony (Tony) Coleman Manchester City
139 David Connor Manchester City
140 John Crossan Manchester City
141 Harry Dowd Manchester City
142 Mick Doyle Manchester City
143 George Heslop Manchester City
144 Stan Horne Manchester City
145 Chris Jones Manchester City
146 Alan Oakes Manchester City
147 Alan Ogley Manchester City
148 Glyn Pardoe Manchester City
149 Mike Summerbee Manchester City
150 Neil Young Manchester City
151 John Aston Manchester United
152 George Best Manchester United
153 Seamus (Shay) Brennan Manchester United
154 Noel Cantwell Manchester United
155 Robert (Bobby) Charlton Manchester United
156 Anthony (Tony) Dunne Manchester United
157 William (Bill) Foulkes Manchester United
158 Pat Crerand Manchester United
159 David Herd Manchester United
160 Brian Kidd Manchester United
161 Denis Law Manchester United
162 James Ryan Manchester United
163 David Sadler Manchester United
164 Alex Stepney Manchester United
165 Norbert (Nobby) Stiles Manchester United
166 Albert Bennett Newcastle United
167 Alwyn (Ollie) Burton Newcastle United
168 Frank Clark Newcastle United
169 David Craig Newcastle United
170 Wyn Davies Newcastle United
171 Dave Elliott Newcastle United
172 Dave Hilley Newcastle United
173 Jim Iley Newcastle United
174 Gordon Marshall Newcastle United
175 John McGrath Newcastle United
176 John McNamee Newcastle United
177 Robert (Bobby) Moncur Newcastle United
178 Peter Noble Newcastle United
179 Bryan Robson Newcastle United
180 Tom Robson Newcastle United
181 Joe Baker Nottingham Forest
182 John Barnwell Nottingham Forest
183 Robert (Sammy) Chapman Nottingham Forest
184 Peter Grummitt Nottingham Forest
185 Mick Harby Nottingham Forest
186 Terry Hennessey Nottingham Forest
187 Peter Hindley Nottingham Forest
188 Alan Hinton Nottingham Forest
189 Barry Lyons Nottingham Forest
190 Robert McKinlay Nottingham Forest
191 Ian Storey-Moore Nottingham Forest
192 Henry Newton Nottingham Forest
193 Geoff Whitefoot Nottingham Forest
194 Frank Wignall Nottingham Forest
195 John Winfield Nottingham Forest
196 Len Badger Sheffield United
197 Frank Barlow Sheffield United
198 Philip Cliff Sheffield United
199 Tom Fenoughty Sheffield United
200 Mick Hill Sheffield United
201 Alan Hodgkingson Sheffield United
202 Ken Mallender Sheffield United
203 Reg Matthewson Sheffield United
204 David Munks Sheffield United
205 Gil Reece Sheffield United
206 Bernard Shaw Sheffield United
207 William (Willie) Smith Sheffield United
208 Barry Wagstaff Sheffield United
209 Anthony (Tony) Wagstaff Sheffield United
210 Robert (Bob) Widdowson Sheffield United
211 Ian Branfoot Sheffield Wednesday
212 Sam Ellis Sheffield Wednesday
213 Peter Eustace Sheffield Wednesday
214 John Fantham Sheffield Wednesday
215 Dave Ford Sheffield Wednesday
216 Jim McCalliog Sheffield Wednesday
217 Don Megson Sheffield Wednesday
218 Vic Mobley Sheffield Wednesday
219 John Quinn Sheffield Wednesday
220 John Ritchie Sheffield Wednesday
221 Wilf Smith Sheffield Wednesday
222 Peter Springett Sheffield Wednesday
223 Colin Symm Sheffield Wednesday
224 Brian Usher Sheffield Wednesday
225 Gerry Young Sheffield Wednesday
226 Martin Chivers Southampton
227 Ron Davies Southampton
228 Hugh Fisher Southampton
229 Campbell Forsyth Southampton
230 Jimmy Gabriel Southampton
231 Dennis Hollywood Southampton
232 Anthony (Tony) Knapp Southampton
233 Eric Martin Southampton
234 Jimmy Melia Southampton
235 Terry Paine Southampton
236 John Sydenham Southampton
237 David Thompson Southampton
238 David Webb Southampton
239 David Walker Southampton
240 Ken Wimshurst Southampton
241 Gordon Banks Stoke City
242 William (Bill) Bentley Stoke City
243 Alan Bloor Stoke City
244 Gerry Bridgewood Stoke City
245 Harry Burrows Stoke City
246 Peter Dobing Stoke City
247 George Eastham Stoke City
248 John Farmer Stoke City
249 John Mahoney Stoke City
250 John Marsh Stoke City
251 Calvin Palmer Stoke City
252 Alan Philpott Stoke City
253 Maurice Setters Stoke City
254 Eric Skeels Stoke City
255 Roy Vernon Stoke City
256 Len Ashurst Sunderland
257 Jim Baxter Sunderland
258 Derek Forster Sunderland
259 Martin Harvey Sunderland
260 George Herd Sunderland
261 William (Billy) Hughes Sunderland
262 Charlie Hurley Sunderland
263 Cecil Irwin Sunderland
264 Robert (Bobby) Kerr Sunderland
265 George Kinnell Sunderland
266 Neil Martin Sunderland
267 Jim Montgomery Sunderland
268 George Mulhall Sunderland
269 John O'Hare Sunderland
270 John Parke Sunderland
271 Phil Beal Tottenham Hotspur
272 Dennis Bond Tottenham Hotspur
273 Eddie Clayton Tottenham Hotspur
274 Mike England Tottenham Hotspur
275 Alan Gilzean Tottenham Hotspur
276 Jimmy Greaves Tottenham Hotspur
277 Pat Jennings Tottenham Hotspur
278 Cliff Jones Tottenham Hotspur
279 Joe Kinnear Tottenham Hotspur
280 Cyril Knowles Tottenham Hotspur
281 Dave Mackay Tottenham Hotspur
282 Alan Mullery Tottenham Hotspur
283 James (Jimmy) Robertson Tottenham Hotspur
284 Frank Saul Tottenham Hotspur
285 Terry Venables Tottenham Hotspur
286 Jeff Astle West Bromwich Albion
287 Anthony (Tony) Brown West Bromwich Albion
288 Clive Clark West Bromwich Albion
289 Dennis Clarke West Bromwich Albion
290 Ian Collard West Bromwich Albion
291 Eddie Colquhoun West Bromwich Albion
292 Ray Fairfax West Bromwich Albion
293 Ken Foggo West Bromwich Albion
294 Doug Fraser West Bromwich Albion
295 Robert (Bobby) Hope West Bromwich Albion
296 John Kaye West Bromwich Albion
297 John Osborne West Bromwich Albion
298 Richard Sheppard West Bromwich Albion
299 John Talbot West Bromwich Albion
300 Graham Williams West Bromwich Albion
301 William (Billy) Bonds West Ham United
302 Eddie Bovington West Ham United
303 Peter Brabrook West Ham United
304 Trevor Brooking West Ham United
305 John Charles West Ham United
306 John Cushley West Ham United
307 Brian Dear West Ham United
308 Robert (Bobby) Ferguson West Ham United
309 Trevor Hartley West Ham United
310 Geoff Hurst West Ham United
311 Robert (Bobby) Moore West Ham United
312 Martin Peters West Ham United
313 Harry Redknapp West Ham United
314 Ron Boyce West Ham United
315 John Sissons West Ham United
316 Mike Bailey Wolverhampton Wanderers
317 David Burnside Wolverhampton Wanderers
318 Pat Buckley Wolverhampton Wanderers
319 Fred Davies Wolverhampton Wanderers
320 Derek Dougan Wolverhampton Wanderers
321 Alun Evans Wolverhampton Wanderers
322 Ron Flowers Wolverhampton Wanderers
323 Graham Hawkins Wolverhampton Wanderers
324 John Holsgrove Wolverhampton Wanderers
325 Peter Knowles Wolverhampton Wanderers
326 Phil Parkes Wolverhampton Wanderers
327 Gerry Taylor Wolverhampton Wanderers
328 Robert (Bobby) Thomson Wolverhampton Wanderers
329 Terry Wharton Wolverhampton Wanderers
330 Les Wilson Wolverhampton Wanderers

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