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Checklist: Brooke Bond - 1976/77 - 40 ways to play better soccer
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Set details

Set gallery
No Feature
001 Concentration
002 Goalkeeper's throw
003 Trapping with foot
004 Controlling ball with thigh
005 Controlling ball with chest
006 Turning
007 Retreating in defence
008 Tackling
009 Weighted pass
010 Making space
011 Running with ball
012 Cutting inside
013 Narrowing the angle
014 Near-post corner
015 Far-post corner
016 The high catch
017 Goalkeeper's punch
018 The long shot
019 Interception
020 The short pass
021 The long pass
022 Bending the ball
023 Shielding the ball
024 The short throw
025 Changing pace
026 Banana shot
027 The chip pass
028 The volley
029 The defensive wall
030 Saving a hard shot
031 Goalkeeper control
032 The long throw
033 Head for goal
034 Defensive header
035 Dummying
036 Quick reactions
037 The one-two pass
038 The backheel
039 Penalty kick
040 Diving

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