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Checklist: A&BC Gum - 1973/74 - Blue backs, Series 2
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Set details

Series 1 checklist Team checklist
No Feature Team
132 Charlie George Arsenal
133 Peter Houseman Chelsea
134 Derek Jeffries Manchester City
135 Pat Howard Newcastle United
136 Henry Newton Everton
137 Steve James Manchester United
138 Paul Reaney Leeds United
139 Alec Lindsay Liverpool
140 Neil Ramsbottom Coventry City
141 Paul Fletcher Burnley
142 Tommy Taylor West Ham United
143 Alistair Brown West Bromwich Albion
144 Brian O'Neil Southampton
145 Dennis Smith Stoke City
146 Ron Webster Derby County
147 Charlie Cooke Crystal Palace
148 Robert (Bobby) Hope Birmingham City
149 David Johnson Ipswich Town
150 John Pratt Tottenham Hotspur
151 Robert (Bobby) Ferguson West Ham United
152 Tom McAllister Sheffield United
153 Keith Eddy Sheffield United
154 Alan Merrick West Bromwich Albion
155 Graham Cross Leicester City
156 Eddie Kelly Arsenal
157 Joe Corrigan Manchester City
158 Robert (Bobby) Moncur Newcastle United
159 Terry Darracott Everton
160 Sam (Sammy) McIlroy Manchester United
161 Norman Hunter Leeds United
162 Tommy Smith Liverpool
163 Wilf Smith Coventry City
164 Malcolm Partridge Leicester City
165 Doug Livermore Norwich City
166 Hugh Fisher Southampton
167 John Farmer Stoke City
168 Alan Hinton Derby County
169 Mel Blyth Crystal Palace
170 Dave Latchford Birmingham City
171 David Best Ipswich Town
172 Ralph Coates Tottenham Hotspur
173 Clyde Best West Ham United
174 Geoff Salmons Sheffield United
175 Alan Bloor Stoke City
176 Jeff Astle West Bromwich Albion
177 Alan Woollett Leicester City
178 Peter Simpson Arsenal
179 William (Bill) Garner Chelsea
180 Tommy Booth Manchester City
181 William (Iam) McFaul Newcastle United
182 Checklist, variant to 264  
182 Checklist, variant to 261  
183 Mick Lyons Everton
184 Jimmy Rimmer Manchester United
185 Eddie Gray Leeds United
186 Ian Callaghan Liverpool
187 Willie Carr Coventry City
188 Jim Thomson Burnley
189 George Armstrong Arsenal
190 Ray Martin Birmingham City
191 Bobby Stokes Southampton
192 James (Jimmy) Robertson Stoke City
193 Terry Hennessey Derby County
194 David Payne Crystal Palace
195 Alan Campbell Birmingham City
196 Colin Harper Ipswich Town
197 Alan Gilzean Tottenham Hotspur
198 Kevin Lock West Ham United
199 Jim Bone Sheffield United
200 James (Jimmy) Pearce Tottenham Hotspur
201 David Shaw West Bromwich Albion
202 John Farrington Leicester City
203 Sammy Nelson Arsenal
204 Steve Kember Chelsea
205 Anthony (Tony) Towers Manchester City
206 Irving Nattrass Newcastle United
207 Rod Belfitt Everton
208 Mick Martin Manchester United
209 Mick Bates Leeds United
210 Peter Cormack Liverpool
211 Robert (Bobby) Parker Coventry City
212 Frank McLintock Queens Park Rangers
213 Ian Mellor Norwich City
214 Keith Newton Burnley
215 Joe Kirkup Southampton
216 Eric Skeels Stoke City
217 Steve Powell Derby County
218 Pat (Paddy) Mulligan Crystal Palace
219 Gary Pendrey Birmingham City
220 Colin Viljoen Ipswich Town
221 Phil Beal Tottenham Hotspur
222 Clive Charles West Ham United
223 Ian MacKenzie Sheffield United
224 Mick Leach Queens Park Rangers
225 Len Cantello West Bromwich Albion
226 Malcolm Manley Leicester City
227 Peter Storey Arsenal
228 Eddie McCreadie Chelsea
229 Glyn Pardoe Manchester City
230 Anthony (Tony) Green Newcastle United
231 Thomas (Tommy) Wright Everton
232 Willie Morgan Manchester United
233 Terry Yorath Leeds United
234 Brian Hall Liverpool
235 (Not issued)  
236 Geoff Nulty Burnley
237 Kevin Keelan Norwich City
238 Ian Britton Chelsea
239 Paul Bennett Southampton
240 Sean Haslegrave Stoke City
241 John Toshack, variant - full body picture Liverpool
241 John Toshack, variant - head and shoulders picture Liverpool
242 John O'Hare Derby County
243 Derek Possee Crystal Palace
244 Gordon Taylor Birmingham City
245 Peter Morris Ipswich Town
246 Joe Kinnear Tottenham Hotspur
247 John (Johnny) Ayris West Ham United
248 Ian Collard Ipswich Town
249 Archie Gemmill Derby County
250 David Cross Norwich City
251 Jon Sammels Leicester City
252 Stan Bowles Queens Park Rangers
253 Doug Collins Burnley
254 Ian Watson Queens Park Rangers
255 Gary Locke Chelsea
256 William (Bill) Glazier Coventry City
257 Joe Jordan Leeds United
258 Anthony (Tony) Young Manchester United
259 John Hurst Everton
260 Tommy Gibb Newcastle United
261 Tony Book Manchester City
262 (Not issued)  
263 Marvin Hinton Chelsea

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