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Checklist: A&BC Gum - 1971/72 - Purple backs, Series 3
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Set details

Series 1 checklist Series 2 checklist Team checklist
No Feature Team
220 Charlie Cooke Chelsea
221 Eddie Kelly Arsenal
222 Rod Fern Leicester City
223 Terry Poole Huddersfield Town
224 Malcolm MacDonald Newcastle United
225 Norman Hunter Leeds United
226 Ray Clemence Liverpool
227 Alan Durban Derby County
228 Jim Husband Everton
229 Mike England Tottenham Hotspur
230 Alan Bloor Stoke City
231 Asa Hartford West Bromwich Albion
232 Gary Bell Cardiff City
233 Alan Hudson Chelsea
234 Paul Madeley Leeds United
235 John Craggs Newcastle United
236 Colin Viljoen Ipswich Town
237 Bob McNab Arsenal
238 Gerry Queen Crystal Palace
239 Peter Shilton Leicester City
240 Ernie Hunt Coventry City
241 James Lawson Huddersfield Town
242 John O'Hare Derby County
243 Tommy Smith Liverpool
244 George McVitie West Bromwich Albion
245 David Walker Southampton
246 Doug Fraser Nottingham Forest
247 Cyril Knowles Tottenham Hotspur
248 Colin Dobson Huddersfield Town
249 Arthur Mann Manchester City
250 Bobby Tambling Crystal Palace
251 John Sjoberg Leicester City
252 Pat Dunne Manchester United
253 Terry Conroy Stoke City
254 Paul Reaney Leeds United
255 John McGrath Southampton
256 Robert (Bobby) Howe West Ham United
257 Neil Martin Nottingham Forest
258 Alan Merrick West Bromwich Albion
259 Alan Mullery Tottenham Hotspur
260 Frank Parsons Cardiff City
261 Peter Morris Ipswich Town
262 Emlyn Hughes Liverpool
263 Dave Clements Coventry City
264 Tony Currie Sheffield United
265 Andy Rankin Everton
266 David Connor Manchester City
267 Steve Whitworth Leicester City
268 Gordon West Everton
269 Ron Bird Cardiff City
270 John Loughlan Crystal Palace
271 Mick Coop Coventry City
272 Larry Lloyd Liverpool
273 John Hope Sheffield United
274 James (Jim) Walker Derby County
275 Geoff Salmons Sheffield United
276 John Ritchie Stoke City
277 Checklist, variant - cards 264-293  
277 Checklist, cards 264-290  
278 Keith Dyson Newcastle United
279 Joe Royle Everton
280 Wyn Davies Manchester City
281 Steve Smith Huddersfield Town
282 John Winfield Nottingham Forest
283 Frank Lampard West Ham United
284 Alan Oakes Manchester City
285 John Boyle Chelsea
286 Alan Woodward Sheffield United
287 Ian Ure Manchester United
288 David Carver Cardiff City
289 Ralph Coates Tottenham Hotspur
290 John Tudor Newcastle United

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