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Set maker:  A&BC Chewing Gum
Set details: 1963/64 Make-a-photo
Number in set:
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Set checklist, Team checklist

Set checklist

No Feature Team
001 Joe Baker Arsenal
002 Derek Dougan Aston Villa
003 Malcolm Beard Birmingham City
004 Bryan Douglas Blackburn Rovers
005 Jimmy Armfield Blackpool
006 Bryan Edwards Bolton Wanderers
007 Jimmy Adamson Burnley
008 Frank Blunstone Chelsea
009 William Humphries Coventry City
010 Geoff Barrowcliffe Derby County
011 Mike O'Grady Huddersfield Town
012 Billy Bremner Leeds United
013 Gordon Banks Leicester City
014 Cyril Lea Orient
015 David Hollins Newcastle United
016 Tony Hateley Notts County
017 Peter Grummitt Nottingham Forest
018 Len Allchurch Sheffield United
019 John Fantham Sheffield Wednesday
020 Danny Blanchflower Tottenham Hotspur
021 Stan Anderson Sunderland
022 Clive Clark West Bromwich Albion
023 Peter Brabrook West Ham United
024 Chris Crowe Wolverhampton Wanderers
025 George Cohen Fulham
026 Peter Dobing Manchester City
027 Bobby Charlton Manchester United
028 Gordon Jones Middlesbrough
029 Terry Allcock Norwich City
030 Billy Baxter Ipswich Town
031 Ollie Hopkins Peterborough United
032 Johnny Gordon Portsmouth
033 David Burnside Southampton
034 Tony Allen Stoke City
035 Alex Young Everton
036 George Eastham Arsenal
037 John Sleeuwenhoek Aston Villa
038 Mike Hallawell Birmingham City
039 Mike England Blackburn Rovers
040 Anthony (Tony) Waiters Blackpool
041 John Connelly Burnley
042 Peter Bonetti Chelsea
043 John Sillett Coventry City
044 Ray Young Derby County
045 Les Massie Huddersfield Town
046 Jack Charlton Leeds United
047 Frank McLintock Leicester City
048 Bobby Mason Orient
049 Barrie Thomas Newcastle United
050 Herbert Loxley Notts County
051 Trevor Hockey Nottingham Forest
052 Billy Hodgson Sheffield United
053 David Layne Sheffield Wednesday
054 Jimmy Greaves Tottenham Hotspur
055 Checklist 1-55 Manchester United
056 Jim Montgomery Sunderland
057 Bobby Moore West Ham United
058 Alan Mullery Fulham
059 Robert (Bobby) Kennedy Manchester City
060 John Barnwell Arsenal
061 Bobby Thomson Aston Villa
062 Trevor Smith Birmingham City
063 Fred Else Blackburn Rovers
064 Bill Perry Blackpool
065 Fred Hill Bolton Wanderers
066 Peter McNamee Peterborough United
067 Andy Lochhead Burnley
068 Bobby Tambling Chelsea
069 Ron Rees Coventry City
070 Jack Parry Derby County
071 Ramon (Ray) Wilson Huddersfield Town
072 Fred Goodwin Leeds United
073 Dave Gibson Leicester City
074 Mal Lucas Orient
075 Alan Suddick Newcastle United
076 John Sheridan Notts County
077 Robert (Bob) McKinlay Nottingham Forest
078 Brian Richardson Sheffield United
079 Peter Swan Sheffield Wednesday
080 Bobby Smith Tottenham Hotspur
081 Charlie Hurley Sunderland
082 Charles Drury West Bromwich Albion
083 Johnny (Budgie) Byrne West Ham United
084 Ron Flowers Wolverhampton Wanderers
085 Graham Leggatt Fulham
086 Bill Leivers Manchester City
087 Pat Crerand Manchester United
088 Mick McNeil Middlesbrough
089 Alwyn (Ollie) Burton Newcastle United
090 Ray Crawford Ipswich Town
091 Ray Horobin Peterborough United
092 Ron Saunders Portsmouth
093 Cliff Huxford Southampton
094 Eddie Hopkinson Bolton Wanderers
095 Don Howe West Bromwich Albion
096 Alan Peacock Middlesbrough
097 Tommy Bryceland Norwich City
098 Ted Phillips Ipswich Town
099 Brian Snowdon Portsmouth
100 Terry Paine Southampton
101 Denis Law Manchester United
102 Brian Labone Everton
103 Johnny Haynes Fulham
104 Roy Vernon Everton
105 Checklist 55-105 (variant) Everton
105 Dennis Viollet Stoke City
106 William Asprey Stoke City
107 Jimmy Melia Liverpool
108 Roger Hunt Liverpool
109 Ian St. John Liverpool
110 Checklist 56-110 Everton

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