A spectator saves a certain goal. What is the referee's decision?

A drop ball at the spot where the spectator handled
If a shot breaks the cross bar which then KO's the 'keeper, is it a goal if the ball enters the net?

Yes, if in the ref's opinion the ball crossed the goalline below where the crossbar should have been, before the 'keeper was KO'd
A defender lobs a thow-in past his 'keeper who fails to catch the ball. Is this an own goal?

No, a corner kick is awarded
Did Glasgow Celtic win the original European Cup in 1967?

No. Real Madrid kept the original cup after winning it three times in succession
Has a goal been scored here?

On a windy day, a player holds the ball still for his teammate to take a free kick. Is this allowed?

Yes, provided the other side can do the same
Which two international full-backs were nicknamed 'Morning' and 'Afternoon'?

A.M. and P.M. Walters (Old Carthusians) who played for England between 1885 and 1890. Their initials explain their nicknames
Which player is the ref penalising and why?

The header for dangerous play. Dangerous to himself
In 1922 Scotland beat England by a single goal scored direct from a corner kick. True or false?

False. Before 1924 a goal could not by law be scored direct from a corner
When were floodlights first used in an international game in Britain?

In 1955, England v Spain at Wembley
When did Scotland play in primrose and pink jerseys?

In 1900 v England, as a gesture to Lord Rosebery whose racing colours they were
Would the ref permit this move at kick-off?

Which team scored most goals in the Football League Division 1 in 1937-38 yet were relegated?

Manchester City
From this throw-in the ball has stuck on the line. Is it in play?

Billy Wright played 105 times for England. How many times did he captain the side?

Both captains and referee agree to turn and play without a half-time interval, but one player insists on a 5-minute break. What happens?

The break would be granted
A team which arrives two men short decides to play minus a goalie. Is this OK?

No. One player must be nominated as a goalkeeper
A goalie tucks the ball up the jersey of a team-mate who runs with it downfield and into his opponents' goal. Has he scored?

No. He would be penalised for ungentlemanly conduct
If the ref mistakenly allows only 42 minutes for the first half, how long should he make the second half - 42, 45 or 48 minutes?

45 minutes
Can a team score 3 goals without any of the other side's players touching the ball?

Yes. An own goal, then a score straight from the re-centre. Half-time whistle goes. Another goal straight from kick-off
A goal is scored just after the referee has been knocked out by the ball. Does it count?

When the ref recovered he would consult the linesman and award a goal on his say-so
Notts County is the oldest club in the Football League. When was it formed - in 1847, 1859 or 1862?

Jim Fryatt's goal for Bradford against Tranmere in 1964 was a record for speed. Did he score 4, 11 or 15 seconds after the kick-off?

4 seconds
When was the Scottish Cup competition started?

Can a player remove the flag to take a corner kick?

A player kicks a penalty backwards. Is it a retake or an indirect free-kick against him?

An indirect free kick
Is this a foul throw and if so, why?

Yes, because his foot is on the pitch
A penalty is awarded just on full-time. Can the taker score from a rebound off the 'keeper?

No. The match ends as soon as the ball rebounds