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1969/70 IPC / Fleetway -- Set of 33

Shoot Magazine - Stand-up figures

Shoot Magazine - 6th September 1969 - free giveaway

Bobby Moore

  Bobby Moore
West Ham United and England
Set 1 - Shoot Magazine - 6th September 1969 - set of 8
  Bobby Charlton
Manchester United and England
Ralph Coates
Burnley and England (under 23)
Ron Davies
Southampton and Wales
Tommy Gemmell
Celtic and Scotland
  Willie Henderson
Rangers and Scotland
Francis Lee
Manchester City and England
Dave Mackay
Derby County and Scotland
Peter Thompson
Liverpool and England
Set 2 - Shoot Magazine - 13th September 1969 - set of 8
  Billy Bremner
Leeds United and Scotland
Jimmy Greaves
Tottenham Hotspur and England
Geoff Hurst
West Ham United and England
Brian Labone
Everton and England
  Jim Montgomery
Sunderland and England (under 23)
Terry Neil
Arsenal and Northern Ireland
David Nish
Leicester City and England (under 23)
Peter Osgood
Chelsea and England (under 23)
Set 3 - Shoot Magazine - 25th October 1969 - set of 8
  Jeff Astle
West Bromwich Albion and England
Mike Bailey
Wolverhampton Wanderers and England
Frank Clarke
Queens Park Rangers
Brian Godfrey
Aston Villa and Wales
  Ernie Hunt
Coventry City and England (under 23)
John O'Rourke
Ipswich Town
Wilf Smith
Sheffield Wednesday and England (under 23)
Ron Wylie
Birmingham City
Set 4 - Shoot Magazine - date unknown - set of 8
  George Best
Manchester United and Northern Ireland
Barry Endean
Steve Kember
Crystal Palace
Iam McFaul
Newcastle United and Northern Ireland
  Ian McLean
Ian Moore
Nottingham Forest and England (under 23)
Willie Stevenson
Stoke City and Scotland
Keith Weller