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FKS 1967/68 - Wonderful World of Soccer Stars - variants

I've written before about the FKS 1967/68 set of Wonderful World of Soccer Stars stickers. Barry recently provided an image of a packet from this ultra rare set, and I wrote an article about the packet. I'm pleased to say that another collector has now confirmed that this is indeed a 1967/68 packet. Now that collector, Steve, has kindly provided information on variants within the 1967/68 set. The variants come in three forms: (1) sticker variants, (2) image variants and (3) an album variant. I'm very grateful to Steve for providing this information and some of the images on this page.

Sticker variants

The stickers appear to come in three varieties (1) black writing, (2) brown writing and (3) no writing. I've checked my own stickers from this collection and I appear to have half black and half brown. It is possible that the browns are just faded blacks, but the paper for the brown stickers also appears to be less white than for the black writing. Again, perhaps a different type of paper caused the ink to fade? So, perhaps a variant or perhaps just a different type of paper and/or ink? The completely blank sticker does appear to be a variant, and I suggest quite a rare one at that! If you have any thoughts on this, or want to share your own experience with these stickers please write to the link at the top of this page.
FKS 1967/68 black writingFKS 1967/68 brown writingFKS 1967/68 blank back

Image variants

Steve suggests that the Everton stickers listed below exist with their correct names to reverse and, as a variant, with incorrect player names to reverse.
Mike Trebilcock photo with John Morrisey name to reverse
John Morrisey image with Howard Kendall name
Tom Wright image with Mike Trebilcock name
Howard Kendall image with Sandy Brown name
Sandy Brown image with Tom Wright name

Album variant

Steve sent this image of a variant album printing. Steve suggested 'one has all the print i.e. teams, players name and order form in BROWN letter print, this version has the Southampton player David Walker spelt as Jimmy WJALKER. Also an album with complete BLACK letter print exists; this album has David Walker as Jimmy Walker. The black print version is much rarer!!'. However, I'm going to disagree with Steve here as I own two copies of this album, both of which appear to me to have black print and both have Jimmy Walker. So, either I have two rarer than normal albums (highly unlikely), or there is another explanation. I would love to hear from collectors which versions of the album they have.
FKS 1967/68 album variant

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