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A tribute to great players from the period 1965/66 to 1979/80, particularly highlighting their appearance in football cards.
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Alan Dugdale

A list of all of the appearances of this player in football cards in the period 1965/66 to 1979/80 appears at the foot of this page.

1973/74 FKS Publishers
Wonderful World of Soccer Stars, No. 58

1976/77 Monty Gum

1977/78 Topps Chewing Gum
Footballers, No. 88

1978/79 The Sun
Soccercards, No. 397
Alan Dugdale was born 11 September 1952 in Kirkby, Liverpool. He joined Coventry City as a youth, signing professional in November 1969, aged 17. He was solid, but not tall, often quoted at 5' 9", not tall for a central defender.

From 1969 until 1972 Dugdale was part of a very successful Coventry City youth team, playing in the F.A. Youth Cup Final in 1970, and playing alongside two other Coventry City players in winning the 1971 European Championships for England (youth level).

Having worked his way through the reserves side he made his League debut in the First Division at Highfield Road, playing at left back on 30 September 1972 against Chelsea, suffering a 3-1 defeat, and being subbed off. His next appearance was in December, coming on as a substitute, after which he managed to hold a place in the team in a season where Coventry narrowly avoided relegation. Alan Dugdale finished the season with 16 League appearances and 3 subs.

In the 1973/74 season Dugdale began in the side at number 6 (left half) and held his position all season, finishing with 39 from a possible 42 starts. Coventry had started the season well, being third in the First Division early in the season, fading towards the end to finish 16th.

In August 1974 Coventry City paid Liverpool £210,000 for Larry Lloyd, a club record signing for the Sky Blues. Dugdale played alongside Lloyd for the first six games of the season, which saw Coventry near the foot of the League Table, before losing his place in the team. He regained it in late December and held it for the remainder of the season, with the team enjoying a creditable 13th place finish.

The Topps 1977/78 (Red back) card notes 'Back-four player Alan has a World Cup winner's medal, but before you write in, it was playing for England's youth side in 1971. His League debut came against Chelsea in September 1972, the same month as his 20th birthday. Has now played over 100 League games'.

In 1975/76 Alan Dugdale made 34 League appearances, followed by 25 in 1976/77, losing his place towards the end of the season. Alan Dugdale's first appearance for Coventry City in 1977/78 was also his last for the club, at home to Ipswich Town on October 22nd with the club enjoying a 6th place in the League (they went on to finish the season in 7th). Dugdale, however, was transferred to Second Division Charlton Athletic, where he made his debut the following week at Crystal Palace. Dugdale enjoyed a better season than the club, who finished 17th, making 30 League appearances. The following season Dugdale played in the first four games of the season, but not after that. Injury perhaps?

The 1978/79 Sun Soccercard notes '
Charlton paid Coventry £50,000 for Alan when they signed him in October, 1977. An experienced defender who had joined Coventry as a youth and worked his way through the reserve sides to make his League debut....'

At the start of the 1979/80 season Dugdale found himself loaned out to Third Division Barnsley. He played at centre-half for seven of their first eight games of the season, but the team struggled and Dugdale returned to Charlton where his contract was cancelled in November 1979. His last game in the English League was against Millwall at The Den on 22 September 1979, just after Dugdale's 27th birthday.

In 1980 Alan Dugdale joined the throng of English players who moved to the US for the North American Soccer League (NASL). He played two seasons for the Tulsa Roughnecks.

In all of his 183 Football League appearances, Alan Dugdale never scored a goal!

According to Neil Brown, he later played for Bulova in Hong Kong, at a time when that club were attracting big name stars.

1974/75 FKS Publishers
Wonderful World of Soccer Stars, No. 80

1976/77 Topps Chewing Gum
Footballers, No. 144

1977/78 FKS Publishers
Soccer Stars, No. 105

1978/79 Topps Chewing Gum
Footballers, No. 289
Football cards issued in the period 1965/66 to 1979/80
(note: this is an incomplete list, and will updated as new information is obtained).
Season Maker Set Team Card ref.
1973/74 FKS Publishers The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Coventry City 58 of 304
1974/75 FKS Publishers The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Coventry City 80 of 320
1974/75 Top Sellers Football 74 Coventry City 65 of 420
1975/76 FKS Publishers The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Coventry City 62 of 360
1975/76 Monty Gum Footballers 1976 Coventry City
1975/76 Top Sellers Football 75 Coventry City 74 of 420
1976/77 FKS Publishers The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Coventry City 85 of 360
1976/77 Top Sellers Football 76 Coventry City 91 of 420
1976/77 Top Sellers Football 77 Coventry City 61 of 420
1976/77 Topps Chewing Gum Footballers - Blue/Grey back Coventry City 144 of 330
1977/78 Americana Football Special 1977/78 Coventry City 80 of 368
1977/78 FKS Publishers Soccer Stars Coventry City 105 of 400
1977/78 Panini Football 78 Coventry City 98 of 525
1977/78 Topps Chewing Gum Footballers - Red back Coventry City88 of 330
1978/79 The Sun Soccercards Charlton Athletic 397 of 1000
1978/79 Topps Chewing Gum Footballers - Orange back Charlton Athletic 289 of 396