International Stars

A large set of various interests, including athletes, actors, singers, sports stars including 20 football players. This set was also issued around the same time in Italy by Perfetti Gum.

Number in set: 100 (20 footballers)
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International Football Teams

A set of team pictures produced for the international market which includes 12 English teams. I'm showing a scan of the packet which they came in plus one card. The back of the packet is written in Dutch, so its all foreign to me. However, I suspect that it says that the backs of all of the cards make up a 4-colour poster of Benfica. The Benfica picture is the same image as card number 57 from the set. There are no markings on the cards to indicate that they are produced by Monty Gum or are part of this set.

I'm not sure how many countries these cards were sold in, but they don't seem overly common, so perhaps just a handful. There was nothing else from Monty Gum in England for another 6 years, so let's assume that they didn't sell too well in England in 1969 and 1970. A pity really, because they showed some promise.

Number in set: 72
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Football Now

Unnumbered, poor quality cards on a cheap card with plain grey backs. The quality control on the player and team names is also very suspect, with one card mentioning both the player and team name as 'Everton' (actually Terry Darracott). The QPR and Glasgow Rangers cards were printed with the word 'Football' in either red or yellow writing. The set is mainly of individual players, but also includes team cards. Only 12 teams are included, 11 from England plus Rangers from Scotland. While it might be reasonable to expect 16 cards from each team (15 players plus a team photo), the actual numbers vary with 20 for Rangers, 20 for Leicester City, 17 for QPR, 16 for Coventry, Derby, Everton, Manchester United and Newcastle, 15 for Ipswich, Leeds and Norwich, and only 13 for Middlesbrough. The cards were released in the UK through Hannah's of Johnstone. Each packet cost 3p and contained 7 cards.

Apparently there is no Manchester United team card. If you ever find one please let me know. I'm grateful to Oivind for his assistance with completing my checklists for this set.

Number in set: 193
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World Cup football

Unnumbered, poor quality cards on a cheap card with plain grey backs. The wrapper says 'Hannah's present'. The set is mainly of individual players, but also includes some team cards. The wrapper (shown) has some English text on the back which states:
'Join the Monty Club and order an album by sending 10 empty packets plus 50p in stamps. Address: Monty Club - POB 173 - Leiden, Holland'.

Number in set: 224
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