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Team checklist: A&BC Gum - 1972/73 - Orange / red backs
These checklists are provided as a service by Nigel's Webspace. Please provide corrections or feedback to email. Click for the master gallery and checklist index.

Set details

Set checklist
Team No Feature
Arsenal 101 George Armstrong
Arsenal 210 Alan Ball
Arsenal 079 Charlie George
Arsenal 035 George Graham
Arsenal 013 Peter Marinello
Arsenal 111 Frank McLintock
Arsenal 124 John Radford
Arsenal 177 Peter Simpson
Arsenal 057 Bob Wilson
Birmingham City 136 Alan Campbell
Birmingham City 191 Trevor Francis
Birmingham City 182 Stan Harland
Birmingham City 195 Robert (Bob) Hatton
Birmingham City 138 Roger Hynd
Birmingham City 206 Robert (Bob) Latchford
Birmingham City 112 Malcolm Page
Chelsea 015 Tommy Baldwin
Chelsea 129 Peter Bonetti
Chelsea 197 John Boyle
Chelsea 103 Charlie Cooke
Chelsea 059 Ron Harris
Chelsea 173 John Hollins
Chelsea 180 Alan Hudson
Chelsea 081 Pat (Paddy) Mulligan
Chelsea 037 Peter Osgood
Chelsea 184 David Webb
Coventry City 056 Jeff Blockley
Coventry City 078 Chris Cattlin
Coventry City 100 Mick Coop
Coventry City 122 William (Bill) Glazier
Coventry City 140 Ernie Hunt
Coventry City 034 Ernie Machin
Coventry City 133 Dennis Mortimer
Coventry City 188 Robert (Bobby) Parker
Coventry City 146 Wilf Smith
Coventry City 012 Quintin Young
Crystal Palace 085 Mel Blyth
Crystal Palace 139 John Craven
Crystal Palace 041 John Jackson
Crystal Palace 152 Robert (Bobby) Kellard
Crystal Palace 135 John McCormick
Crystal Palace 063 David Payne
Crystal Palace 178 Gerry Queen
Crystal Palace 107 Bobby Tambling
Crystal Palace 192 Anthony (Tony) Taylor
Crystal Palace 019 Peter Wall
Crystal Palace 203 William (Willie) Wallace
Derby County 027 Alan Durban
Derby County 116 Kevin Hector
Derby County 005 Alan Hinton
Derby County 158 Roy McFarland
Derby County 071 John McGovern
Derby County 093 John O'Hare
Derby County 049 John Robson
Derby County 202 Colin Todd
Derby County 211 James (Jim) Walker
Derby County 215 Ron Webster
Everton 095 Colin Harvey
Everton 073 John Hurst
Everton 007 Jim Husband
Everton 187 David Johnson
Everton 029 Howard Kendall
Everton 141 David Lawson
Everton 117 Henry Newton
Everton 130 Joe Royle
Everton 051 Alan Whittle
Everton 185 Thomas (Tommy) Wright
Huddersfield Town 089 Dennis Clarke
Huddersfield Town 067 Richard (Dick) Kryzwicki
Ipswich Town 020 David Best
Ipswich Town 108 Bryan Hamilton
Ipswich Town 214 Geoff Hammond
Ipswich Town 201 Colin Harper
Ipswich Town 042 Derek Jefferson
Ipswich Town 157 Mick Lambert
Ipswich Town 064 Mick Mills
Ipswich Town 086 James (Jimmy) Robertson
Ipswich Town 115 Colin Viljoen
Ipswich Town 190 Trevor Whymark
Leeds United 039 Billy Bremner
Leeds United 023 Jack Charlton
Leeds United 128 Allan Clarke
Leeds United 083 Terry Cooper
Leeds United 105 John Giles
Leeds United 150 Eddie Gray
Leeds United 161 Norman Hunter
Leeds United 061 Mick Jones
Leeds United 174 Peter Lorimer
Leeds United 196 Paul Madeley
Leeds United 017 Gareth (Gary) Sprake
Leicester City 208 Alan Birchenall
Leicester City 014 Graham Cross
Leicester City 151 Len Glover
Leicester City 142 Malcolm Manley
Leicester City