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Checklist: A&BC Gum - 1969/70 - Green backs, Series 2
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Set details

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No. Feature Team
065 Len Glover Leicester City
066 Chris Cattlin Coventry City
067 Joe Royle Everton
068 Ernie Hunt Coventry City
069 Alan Stephenson West Ham United
070 George Graham Arsenal
071 Alan Birchenall Chelsea
072 Alan Gilzean Tottenham Hotspur
073 Sam Ellis Sheffield Wednesday
074 Ralph Coates Burnley
075 Fred Kemp Southampton
076 Jim Montgomery Sunderland
077 James (Jim) Scott Newcastle United
078 Frank Brogan Ipswich Town
079 Jack Whitham Sheffield Wednesday
080 Mike Summerbee Manchester City
081 Mike England Tottenham Hotspur
082 David Webb Chelsea
083 Ron Davies Southampton
084 Colin Waldron Burnley
085 Peter Shilton Leicester City
086 John Kaye West Bromwich Albion
087 Geoff Strong Liverpool
088 Alan Ball Everton
089 Alex Stepney Manchester United
090 Peter Hindley Nottingham Forest
091 Dave Mackay Derby County
092 Mick Jones Leeds United
093 Calvin Palmer Sunderland
094 Jeff Astle West Bromwich Albion
095 Peter Rodrigues Leicester City
096 Alun Evans Liverpool
097 Brian Kidd Manchester United
098 Jack Charlton Leeds United
099 Graham Cross Leicester City
100 Jim McCalliog Wolverhampton Wanderers
101 Alan Mullery Tottenham Hotspur
102 Charlie Cooke Chelsea
103 David Nish Leicester City
104 Gordon Banks Stoke City
105 John Dempsey Chelsea
106 Wilf Smith Sheffield Wednesday
107 Brian Labone Everton
108 Joe Kirkup Southampton
109 John Holsgrove Wolverhampton Wanderers
110 Gordon West Everton
111 Billy Baxter Ipswich Town
112 Gordon Harris Sunderland
113 John Osborne West Bromwich Albion
114 Martin Peters West Ham United
115 Brian O'Neil Burnley
116 Peter Grummitt Nottingham Forest
117 Tom Lawrence Liverpool
117 David Woodfield Wolverhampton Wanderers

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