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Nigel's season summary: Stoke finished 19th in 1968/69, only 3 points above the relegation zone.
241. Tony Allen 242. Gordon Banks 243. William Bentley 244. Alan Bloor 245. Gerry Bridgwood
        RIP 02/03/2012
Fourteen year career with Stoke from 1956 until an October 1970 transfer to Bury. Made over 400 league appearances for Stoke. One of the true greats of the game. Began with Chesterfield in 1955 before a transfer to Leicester City in 1959. Made 293 league appearances with the Foxes before joining Stoke in April 1967. Local-lad who made 44 league appearances for Stoke before a January 1969 transfer to Blackpool where he became a regular. Moved on to Port Vale in 1977. Another local who played for Stoke from 1961 to 1976. Like many other Stoke players he finished his career with Port Vale. Yet another local who struggled for first-team appearances in a 7-year stint, making only 90 league appearances. Transferred to Shrewsbury in 1969 where he had more success.
246. Henry Burrows 247. Peter Dobing 248. George Eastham 249. Alex Elder 250. John Farmer
Joined Stoke after a 7-year stay at Aston Villa. Made 239 league appearances at Stoke from 1965 until his 1973 transfer to Plymouth. Started with Blackburn Rovers before a 37,500 transfer to Manchester City in July 1961. Moved to Stoke two years later and enjoyed a 10-year career with over 300 league appearances for Stoke. Joined Stoke in August 1966 after successful stays with Newcastle from 1956 to 1960 and Arsenal from 1960 to 1966. Ended up with over 500 league appearances in total. Signed to Burnley from Glentoran in 1959. Made almost 300 league appearances with the Clarets before joining Stoke in August 1967. Six seasons with Stoke before injury ended his career in 1972. Made 163 league appearances with Stoke between 1965 and 1974, but his career was obviously overshadowed by Gordon Banks. Moved to Leicester City in December 1974 but made only 2 league appearances.
251. John Mahoney 252. John Marsh 253. Eric Skeels 254. Willie Stevenson 255. Roy Vernon





RIP 04/12/1993

Joined Stoke from Crewe in March 1967. Made over 270 league appearances in a 10-year career at Stoke. Moved on to Middlesbrough in 1977 then on to Swansea in 1979. Local-lad who played his entire career with Stoke from 1967 to 1978, making 344 league appearances. Long career with Stoke from his signing in December 1958 until his transfer to Port Vale (where else?) in September 1976. Made 494 league appearances for Stoke. Scotsman who moved to Australia (apparently) after being unhappy in Glasgow Rangers reserves. Bill Shankly convinced him to sign for Liverpool in 1962. Transferred to Stoke in 1967 where he made 82 league appearances. Joined Stoke in March 1965 for 40,000 after long spells with Blackburn and Everton where he is still treated with reverence. Made 84 league appearances with Stoke.