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Nigel's season summary: Promoted to Division One in 1964/65 Newcastle finished 15th in 1965/66, 20th in 1966/67 and 10th in 1967/68. In the 1968/69 season they finished 9th.
166. Albert Bennett 167. Ollie Burton 168. Frank Clark 169. Dave Craig 170. Wyn Davies
Over 100 appearances with Rotherham before transferring to Newcastle in July 1965. Moved on to Norwich in February 1969. Alwyn (Ollie) played with Newport and Norwich before joining Newcastle in June 1963 for 30,000. Career ended by injury in 1972. Long career with Newcastle from 1963 to 1974. Transferred to Nottingham Forest in 1975. Played his entire career with Newcastle between 1963 and 1977, with 350+ appearances in total. Long career including nine clubs, but most appearances for Newcastle (180). Also played for Manchesters City and United.
171. Dave Elliott 172. Jim Iley 173. John McNamee 174. Gordon Marshall 175. Bobby Moncur
Joined Newcastle from Sunderland. Stayed just over 4 years before transferring to Southend. Started Newcastle career after spells with Sheffield United, Tottenham and Notts. Forest. Played over 200 games for United before a move to Peterborough in Jan. 1969. Joined Newcastle from Hibernian in 1966. Moved on to Blackburn in 1971. Keeper from 1963 to 1968, before moving on to Nottingham Forest. Came from and returned to Scotland where his son is now a top keeper. Long career with Newcastle between 1962 and 1974 before a move to Sunderland.
176. Bryan Robson 177. Tommy Robson 178. Eric Ross 179. Jim Scott 180. Jackie Sinclair
        RIP 02/09/2010
'Pop' Robson had a 21 year career as a player before turning to management. Began with Newcastle in 1962 before transfer to West Ham in 1971. Joined Newcastle from Chelsea in December 1966 but moved on to Peterborough in late 1968. Irishman who joined Newcastle from Glentoran in August 1967 but made only two league appearances before a transfer to Northampton two years later. Joined from Hibernian in August 1967. Made over 50 appearances before transfer to Crystal Palace in February 1972. Began English career with Leicester in 1965 after transfer from Dunfermline. Moved to Newcastle in January 1968, but then moved on again to Sheffield Wednesday in late 1969.