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Nigel's season summary: After winning the League in 1966/67 and finishing 2nd in 1967/68 the Red Devils slipped to 11th place in 1968/69.
151. John Aston 152. George Best 153. Shay Brennan 154. Francis Burns 155. Bobby Charlton


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Joined United in 1964 and played until July 1972 when he moved to Luton Town where he stayed for over 5 years. Son of a former United back. One of the best players ever. Made over 350 appearances for Manchester United in a 10 year career at the top. First played for United in 1963. Manchester born Seamus played his whole career with United, commencing in 1957 and concluding in 1969. Began career with United before moving to Southampton in June 1972. Only stayed down south for a short while before moving on to a long career with Preston. United legend who joined in 1954, played his first senior game in 1956, and moved on to Preston in 1974. Over 600 games for United.
156. Pat Crerand 157. Tony Dunne 158. John Fitzpatrick 159. Bill Foulkes 160. David Herd


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Joined United in 1963 from Celtic for 55,000. Retired in 1970 and became assistant coach at United. Over 400 appearances for United before transfer to Bolton Wanderers in August 1973. Played for United from 1964 to 1972 before having to retire due to injury. Another United stalwart playing for United from 1952 to 1969, including surviving the Munich tragedy. Over 550 appearances. Career began with Stockport in 1950 before a transfer to Arsenal where he appeared over 160 times between 1954 and 1960. United player from 1961 to mid 1968.
161. Brian Kidd 162. Denis Law 163. David Sadler 164. Alex Stepney 165. Nobby Stiles
Career began with United in 1967. Made almost 200 appearances before a move to Arsenal in August 1974. Long career as player followed by career in management. Early career with Huddersfield and Manchester City before a much publicised move to Turin in 1961. Returned to Manchester in 1962 and became a United legend before returning to City in 1973. Over 250 appearances for United in a career from 1963 to 1973. Moved on to Preston where he made over 100 appearances. 3-year career with Millwall before a transfer to Chelsea in 1966. Only one appearance before a move to United in August 1968. Over 400 appearances for United. Norbert began his United career in 1960, making over 300 appearances before moving on to Middlesbrough in May 1971.