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Nigel's season summary: After 11 consecutive seasons in the top flight Leicester City had a poor season and were relegated in 1968/69, finishing 1 point behind Coventry City. In 1969/70 they finished 3rd in Division Two, before winning promotion again as Division Two champions in 1970/71.
106. Willie Bell 107. Allan Clarke 108. Graham Cross 109. Dave Gibson 110. Len Glover
Leeds United player with over 200 appearances until transferred to Leicester in September 1967. Played less than 50 games for Leicester before moving to Brighton in 1969. Career began at Walsall in 1963, moving on to Fulham in 1966 then Leicester in 1968 for 150,000. Transferred to Leeds United in July 1969 where he became a favourite. Played football for Leicester and cricket for Leicestershire. Almost 500 league appearances for Leicester between 1960 and 1976 before a transfer to Brighton. Came from Hibernian to Leicester in 1961 for 25,000 and made over 250 appearances for the Foxes. Moved to Aston Villa in September 1970. Joined Leicester in November 1967 from Charlton for 80,000. Made almost 250 appearances for Leicester before finishing career in 1976.
111. David Nish 112. Bobby Roberts 113. Peter Rodrigues 114. Peter Shilton 115. John Sjoberg
        RIP 02/10/2008
Began with Leicester in 1966, playing more than 200 times for the Foxes before a move to Derby in August 1972. Played over 200 times for Leicester before a September 1970 move to Mansfield. Later moved into management. Joined Leicester from Cardiff in January 1966. Transferred to Sheffield Wednesday in October 1970. Finished career at Southampton in 1976. Legend of the game who began at Leicester in 1966. Made over 280 appearances for the Foxes. Has the record of over 1000 league appearances. Scotsman who made over 300 appearances for Leicester in a career from 1960 to 1973.
116. Mike Stringfellow 117. Bobby Svarc 118. Tom Sweenie 119. Alan Tewley 120. Alan Woollett
Joined Leicester in 1962 from Mansfield for 25,000. Completed his career at the Foxes in 1974 with almost 300 league appearances. Career began at Leicester in 1964 but he never settled. Only 13 league appearances before a transfer to Lincoln in December 1968. Scotsman who joined Leicester in 1963. Struggled for a first-team place before a series of transfers. Completed his English league career at York in 1968. First appearance for Leicester in 1966, but never a regular player. Transferred to Bradford Park Avenue in November 1969 (just before their demise from the top flight). Joined Leicester in 1964 and made over 200 appearances in a 13 year career. Transferred to Northampton in 1978.