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Nigel's season summary: Destined to win the League in 1969/70 the Everton side finished 3rd in 1968/69, and lost to eventual winners Manchester City in the F.A. Cup semi-finals. A highly-rated Everton side.
61. Alan Ball 62. Sandy Brown 63. Colin Harvey 64. John Hurst 65. Jim Husband
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World Cup Winner from 1966. Joined Everton in August '66 for 110,000, just after the World Cup. Played over 200 games for Everton before moving to Arsenal in 1971. Alex (Sandy) Brown joined Everton from Partick Thistle in 1963 for 25,000. Moved on to Shrewsbury in 1971 after more than 150 games for Everton. Everton youth who signed in 1962 and stayed with Everton for over 12 years. Joined Sheffield Wednesday towards the end of his career in 1974. Began Everton career in 1964 and played more than 300 times before moving on to Oldham in 1976. Made over 150 appearances for Oldham. Yet another Everton apprentice who turned professional in 1964. Played over 150 times in a 9 year career. Moved on to Luton in 1973 where he played more than 100 times.
66. Howard Kendall 67. Roger Kenyon 68. Brian Labone 69. John Morrissey 70. Joe Royle
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Career spanned over 500 games, including over 220 for Everton between 1967 and 1974. Played in 1964 F.A. Cup Final in 1964 at age 17. Began his career with Everton in 1966 and made over 250 appearances before heading to North America in 1978. Returned to England for a brief stint with Bristol City. One club man who joined Everton in 1957 and concluded his career with them in 1971 after 451 appearances. Yet another long-term Evertonian, clocking up over 250 appearances between 1962 and 1972. Began his career with Liverpool in 1957 before the 1962 transfer to Everton for 10,000. Began his career with Everton before moving on to Manchester City in 1974. Completed his playing career with Bristol City and Norwich before moving into management.
71. Gordon West 72. Alan Whittle 73. Ray Wilson 74. Tommy Wright 75. Alex Young
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Stalwart service for Everton between 1962 and 1975, including over 350 games. Moved to Tranmere at end of his career. Forward who struggled for regular first-term play. Moved to Crystal Palace in 1972, then to Orient in 1976. Ramon (Ray) Wilson, member of the victorious 1966 World Cup team. Began his career with Huddersfield in 1955 before moving to Everton in 1964. Left Everton in July 1969. Another single-club Evertonian. Made over 300 appearances in a career running from 1964 to 1972. Scotsman who joined Everton from Hearts in 1960. Moved on to Stockport in November 1968.