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Top Cup Teams
Set maker:
 D. C. Thomson
Set details: Top Cup Teams
Number in set: 12
Wallet - front cover Back of card
Feola, Santos D., Zito, Bellini, Santos N., Orlando, Gilmar
Garrincha, Didi, Pele, Vava, Zagalo, Trainer
Armfield, Moore, Norman, Springett, Flowers, Wilson
Greaves, Douglas, Hitchens, Haynes, Charlton
Northern Ireland
Bailey, Cunningham, McMichael, Uprichard, Blanchflower J., Peacock, Callaghan
McAdams, Simpson, McIlroy, Blanchflower D., Bingham, McParland
Keith, Gregg, McGrory
McRae, Hamilton, Brown, Crerand, McNeil, Greig, McCreadie
St. John, Henderson, Collins, Bremner, Law, Wilson
Williams S., Harrington, Charles J., Kelsey, Charles M., Ward
Jones, Woosnam, Crowe, Allchurch, Williams G.
Glasgow Celtic
Young, Gemmell, Fallon, Murdoch, McNeill, Clark
Chalmers, Gallagher, Hughes, Lennox, Auld
Glasgow Rangers
Shearer, Caldow, Provan, Ritchie, Greig, McKinnon, Baxter
Symon, Henderson, McMillan, McLean, Millar, Forrest, Brand, Wilson, Kinnear
Milne, Byrne, Lawrence, Moran, Stevenson, Paisley
Bennet, Callaghan, Hunt, St. John, Williams, Yeats, Arrowsmith, Thompson, Shankly
Manchester United
Crompton, Foulkes, Sadler, Dunne, Brennan, Moore, Crerand, Cantwell, Busby
Connelly, Stiles, Charlton, Law, Dunne, Herd, Best
Real Madrid
Dominguez, Marquitos, Santamria, Pachin, Vidal, Zarraga, trainer
Canario, Del Sol, Di Stefano, Puskas, Gento
Tottenham Hotspur
Baker, Allen, Norman, Brown, Henry, Smith, Mackay
Medwin, Greaves, Blanchflower, White, Jones
West Ham United
Brown, Peters, Kirkup, Standen, Dear, Moore
Sealey, Boyce, Hurst, Burkett, Sissons

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